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The Outsiders

No description

Patrick Star

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Conflicts Conclusion Start Introduction In Doctor Seuss' book Horton Hears a Who, it is said that, "A person's a person no matter how small!" This same philosophy holds true in that a person's a person no matter how poor. Although losing a loved one can be the thing needed to appreciate the ones still around like in Cherry and Pony's cases, if we all could accept each other, we wouldn't need to. Conflicts are part of human nature, but we have to resist the urge and rise above violence. Like Ben Franklin said, "There was never a good war, or a bad peace." When we fight, we always end up hurting ourselves. Just remember, the sunset is as beautiful from the West side as the East. Aleah, Clara, and Brook The Outsiders Both the Socs and the Greasers face countless external conflicts which were similar. If you were a Greaser you were most likely scared to death of walking by yourself on the road for fear or getting jumped by some Socs. Socs usually travel with their group of friends but if they are caught alone and some Greasers find them then they might be going home with some cuts and bruises. The first major problem that Ponyboy has to deal with is having his parents die and having to survive by living with his brothers only for support. Because he is a Greaser, Ponyboy is absolutely frightened of walking alone ever since the Greasers found Pony's best friend brutally beaten and very close to dying because a couple of Socs got a hold of him. Pony then has to deal with the external challenge of almost drowning because a few drunk Socs decided to mess with Pony and Johnny and then having to face the reality that his best friend, Johnny killed a Soc to save their lives. Soon after he is forced to run away with Johnny because the fuzz (police) are after them. Soon after, when they are on the run, Pony and Johnny run into a burning building to save eight children that were stuck inside. Pony comes out with minimal damage done to him but then has to deal with his best friend having his back broken. Johnny dies a little while after and that is one of the biggest challenges that Ponyboy has to face. Greasers have it hard considering all the challenges that they have to face each and every day. However, the Socs have many similar problems that they have to battle with. Cheery Valance, a Soc, has many external conflicts just like the Greasers do. First of all, she has to deal with her unruly boyfriend who is almost always out getting drunk and partying. She puts up with it, however, because she loves this boy and his drinking problems is just one thing that she has to battle with if she wants to stay with him. Another conflict that Cherry has to face is always being surrounded by violence which is one thing she really doesn't enjoy. Although she is a Soc she can't escape the on going war between Greasers and Socs. Being a girl doesn't guarantee that you won't get into the middle of a rumble between Socs and Greasers. Finally, she has to deal with the Greaser boys who constantly mess with her and tease her because she is pretty and a Soc. Being constantly teased and messed with is one of the biggest external conflicts that Cherry has to deal with because big, tuff Greasers are scary and they never left her alone. Overall, both the Socs have the same problems because of the ongoing war that happens between them. Now, 50 years after the Outsiders takes place, it is easy to spot the same internal and external conflicts faced by teens today. We all know who they are, the kids who sit alone at lunch or never raise their hand in class. They look alone and you can tell they feel unwanted. The pain of not having someone to support you is so awful it causes them to give up on their lives. This is just like how Pony gave up on Darry loving him. Even more widespread is the devastation felt with the loss of a loved one. From the beginning of time, and until the day humans go extinct, people have loved and lost. No matter race, age, religion and even species of intelligent life, they feel sorrow when a loved one dies. On a sidenote, llamas, who mate for life, can physically die of heartbreak when their mate passes away. This is just how Cherry felt when she couldn't bare to see Johnny after he killed Bob. Like the saying goes, history is always repeating itself, and this is because deep down, human nature and emotions are always the same. Up the vine! Tying into the
World In Tulsa Oklahoma, two teenage gangs from different sides of the tracks are in a constant war. They mindlessly beat up on each other simply because the Socs are rich and the greasers are poor. Each group thinks the other is made up of worthless scum. They have no idea how connected they really are. Members from both gangs have tough family lives, struggle with the women in their lives, and care about protecting their friends. If only they knew...... Internal Challenges Socs and Greasers aren't that different.... Life is a roller coaster...
People might be different,
but on our journeys we all face obstacles. External
Challege... Thanks for watching! (: Johnny! The Socs and the Greasers face the same internal every day, and they don't realize it. Their internal conflicts connect them more than anything.
Ponyboy faces his biggest internal conflict fighting against his past.
He lost his parents when he was young, and his older brother steps into the guardian role and he doesn't treat him well.
Ponyboy wants to be wanted and loved, and yet Darry doesn't provide that comfort to him, and he feels alone.
Pony also loses his best friend, Johnny to a fire. He blames himself, and doesn't feel the right to forgive himself.
Johnny faces one of the toughest internal challenges of all.
He goes through the beatings internally from his parents each day. Facing the fact that his parents see him as worthless, and a discrase.
Cherry isn't much different than the Greasers.
She might have a nice home, and a loving family to come home to every night, but she struggles with the insecurity of where she lives.
Cherry might not live in the "hood," but she is around too much, and she hates the feeling of violence. All she wants is peace between people.
Cherry also realates to Ponyboy in the sense of losing someone she cared for.
She lost her boyfriend, Bob. Johnny had killed him, and she couldn't dare to see his face. They may live in different conditions,
but that's not what realaltes them. Greasers... Socs... The hardest part of their lives,
is what connects them...
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