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Telmex is calling, answer

No description

Nadja R

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Telmex is calling, answer

“In modern history, no one has dominated a major economy as overwhelmingly as Carlos Slim does that of Mexico.” (Barry Blitt)
The Story That Made History
Times Got Tough...

-Negativity from the press.
-Newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The New York Times were involved.

-Market swings effects
Nadja Rustempasic, Brije Harris, Kae Arai, Christian De La Cruz
Statement of intention:
Ring Ring Ring...
Telmex is Calling, Answer!
Telmex provides a multitude of phone services to the people of Latin America some services that even got them into trouble.

The company has been seen negatively under the public eye for quite some time due to monopolization, piracy and work witht the government.

Headquartered in Mexico City TelMex is the dominant phone carrier in Mexico!

Provides internet, hosted services and IPTV

Runs around 90% of the phone lines in Mexico City as well as around 80% of lines in the country.

Chairman and CEO Carlos Slim (world’s wealthiest person 2010-2013)

Mr. Slim is a Mexican business magnate, investor, philanthropist and most importantly, the CEO of his company

After Carlos graduated college, he began his career as a stock trader in Mexico. Telmex was one of his best projects and continues to be.
An anti-monopoly law placed in their areas of service
kicked the company in the back,
the question is did they stand back up?

(on Feburary 2011)
- The stock America Movil
Bounced back to
$78 billion
- Monopoly for 6 years
- Boosted companies on online content for revenue in Mexico
55% S
External Debt
Thank You for Calling, Adios!
From this bird's eye view you can see that Telmex was and still is a giant in its playing field. To be a successful company you must fight your way to the top and if you’re kicked down you must have the strength to get back up.

Their dominance and lack of competition made the company and immovable object. Even though they went through some back and forth struggles with the law they still came out on top even expanded to new horizons in the company.

“Telmex is Mexico's most heavily traded stock and among the most demanded Latin American ADRs. Its quarterly results showed the company is running into high costs associated with major expansions both internationally and in the domestic cellular phone market.” (cnn)

A brilliant businessman(Slim) who used the system to his advantage.

-Support of social programs, keeping the company alive.
Gov.: "Ha! I Got You Now!" Slim: .... Gov.: "Wait.. what the..."

Mexican Congress finalized new telecom laws that
aim to bust
America Movil’s stranglehold on the country’s telephone market. Carlos Slim doesn’t see any reason to be sad.

, Slim is making money off the news. His net worth is up nearly $3 billion as America Movil’s stock soared 7.5%.

Why? Mexico’s attempt to increase competition in the telecom space gives the company an
excuse to sell off lucrative assets.

America Movil announced just that in response to the legislation. It is ready to bring its share of the market below the
threshold that triggers onerous regulation that subsidizes competitors and restricts the company from competing in new media like television.

Investors are applauding the decision because even if Slim gives up the 70-80% domination of the market he has held for decades, the outcome may actually be
for the company. The company can use the profits from the divestiture to
in other markets, such as Europe. Slipping under the monopoly legislation could also
the ability to
its fixed and wireless phone businesses in the TV and Internet markets. “Triple play” packages similar to those offered by US cable companies like Comcast could be possible for the first time.

Taken to court for doing online broadcasting

Expansion of other mega telecoms like Telefonica
Broadband Services!!
- 67000 clients for Telmex (165000 for Telefonica)
- Market shares
(in the early 1990's)
- Started broadband services in 2001
- Annual flat rate of 54% over a 9 year (2002-2011)
turned into a private
1. "Manaing Right"
2. Justify their investments in joint ventures
3. "Universal Service"
-Lawsuit against Telmex from Grupo Televisa, involving JP Morgan
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