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chapter 2

give my regards to point dexter

leif henrikson

on 26 February 2010

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Transcript of chapter 2

Kenny reads backwards to Byron's class.Afterwards Byron calls Kenny Pointdexter Watsons go to Birmingham-1963 Bryon tells Kenny how to make Kenny's
lazy eye look normal.Which is weird because he never gives advice kenny gets some friends that he calls saviours and has them in most of his classes kenny- little brother of byron and he has a lazy eye.he is nervous when he his around Byron.happy when he is with his new friends.he always thinking about random things.he is very gulable main character This book gave good information and was a good story along with it. I thought it was cool how they did the wool pooh.I'm glad they didn't tell very good detail with the bombing. It would have ruined the feeling in the story. Kids bully the new kid on the bus.They are deciding weither he's cool or weird but they decide he's weird. The new kid is nice to everyone and smiles at everyone.He wears raggedy jeans with holes in them.
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