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Colin Jorde

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Cambodia Population: 15,205,539 people
GDP per capita: $2,400
Top 3 Religions: 96.4% Buddhist, 2.1% Muslim, 1.5% other.
Ethnic Groups: 90% Khmer, 5% Vietnamese, 1% Chinese, and 4% other.
Physical Features: Mekong River, Tonle Sap Lake and River, Mt. Oral, and Bassac River.
Facts: Half of Cambodia's population is under age 15.
Cambodia has one of the world's largest deforestation rates. South Korea Malaysia Population: 29,628,392 people
GDP per capita: $16,900
Ethnic Groups: 50% Malay, 23% Chinese, 11% Indigenous, 7% Indian, and 9% other.
Top 3 Religions: 60.4% Muslim, 19.2% Buddhist, and 9.1% Christianity.
Physical Features: Crocker Range, Bera Lake, and South China Sea
Fun Facts: The oldest remains of the modern human were
found in Borneo, Malaysia. It also has the
oldest rainforest.
Malaysia has the tallest twin towers
at 450 meters tall with 88 floors. Philippines North Korea By: Colin Jorde Geography Countries United Arab Emirates Turkey Jordan Flag Indonesia Population: 251,160,124 people
GDP per Capita: $5,000
Ethnic Groups: 41% Javanese, 15% Sundanese, and 44% smaller groups
Top 3 Religions: 55% Islamic, 22% Protestant, 18% Catholic, and more.
Physical Features: Musi River, Barisa Mountain Range, Ijen Plateau, Krakatau Volcano, are some physical features.
Facts: There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia.
Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 islands. Taiwan Population: 105,720,644 people
GDP per capita: $4,300
Ethnic Groups: 28.1% Tagalog, 13.1% Cebuano,
9% Ilocano, and many other smaller ones.
Top 3 Religions: 82.9% Catholic, 5% Muslim, and 2.8% Evangalical
Physical Features: Taal Volcano, Zambales Mts., and many islands, including Bohol, Cebu, and Panay.
Fun Facts: The Philippines has more than 200 volcanoes.
During times of war, the Philippino flag's colors are flipped so that red is on bottom and blue on top.
Population: 48,955,203 people
GDP per capita: $32,400
Ethnic Groups: Almost 100% Korean
Top 3 Religions: 43.3% None, 31.6% Christian, and 24.2 Buddhist.
Physical Features: Yellow Sea, Korean Bay, Sea of Japan, Cheju island,
Fun Facts: South Korea has one of the
highest average IQ rates in the world.
The first cloned dog was made in
South Korea. Population: 5,473,972
GDP per capita: 49,000
Ethnic Groups: 50% South Asian, 23% Arab or Iranian, 19% Emirati, 8% other.
Top Religions: 96% Muslim, 4% other.
Physical Features: Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf, and Hajjar Mountain Range.
Fun Facts: Only about 1% of the UAE
is arable.
Dubai, capital, is the fastest growing
city in the world. Population: 23,299,716 people
GDP per capita: $38,500
Ethnic Groups: 84% Taiwanese, 14%
Mainland Chinese, 2% indigineous.
Top 3 Religions: 93% Buddhist and Taoist, 4.5% Christian, 2.5% other.
Physical Features: Chungyang Shanmo Mountain Range, Tachia River, and Jade Mountain.
Fun Facts: Taiwan is about the same size as Massachusetts.
The Jade Mountain is the tallest peak in
southeast Asia. Population: 6,482,081 people
GDP per capita: $6,000
Ethnic Groups: 98% Arab, 1% Circassian, and 1% Armenian.
Top 3 Religions: 92% Sunni Muslim, 6% Christian, and 2% other.
Physical Features: Jordan River, Dead
Sea, Jordan Valley.
Fun Facts: Jordanians don't praise their
kids because it is said that it brings
bad luck.
The Dead Sea gets 1 meter lower
every year. Population: 24,720,407 people
GDP per capita: $1,800
Ethnic Groups: Almost 100% Korean, except just a few Chinese and Japanese.
Religion: All government-sponsered groups
Physical Features:
Fun Facts: North Korea is a closed government with extremely strict laws. Population: 80,694,485
GDP per capita: $15,000
Ethnic Groups: 70-75% Turkish, 18% Kurdish, and 7-12% other minorities
Top Religions: 99.8% Muslim (mostly Sunni), .2% Christian
Physical Features: Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea Basin Rivers, and the Anatolian penisula.
Fun Facts: The oldest church was built in Antioch, Turkey.
Turkey has about 9,000 species of flowers.
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