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Librarian's Apprentice - Ideate

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Laura Kozma

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Librarian's Apprentice - Ideate

Final Three
Find people with the skill set "organized - likes computers - good social skills" outside the main library science group. Stay-at-home moms? Organizers at IKEA? Tax accountants? Sail the 7C's Angelica? ;-)
Pick people who don't particularly care for books, but treat them as widgets, so they won't be tempted to read all day
Target orphans or people who hate their parents. They will make their own decisions.
Put a little slip in interlibrary loan books that "so-and-so library is looking to hire apprentices"
Contact police officers to find out the algorithms/programs they are using for geographical crime solving, and use that to target apprentices instead
Target medium range newspapers (e.g., county wide or maybe state wide), as opposed to very local or very wide readership
Internet selling (Craigslist, Monster, Dice-like places)
Allow one annulment in life for an apprenticeship (i.e., it doesn't count)
Have Donald Trump advertise as publicity for his "The Apprentice" TV show
Skywriting ("so-and-so library is looking to hire!")
Advertise "Free books!". Leave out the parts where you have to return them and the fact that they are free for everybody
Update career counselors/job books about 1) what does a librarian do, and 2) that there are library jobs besides being a librarian
Ask local schools to let you know who has the skill set
Target people who lease cars and have them lease books instead.
Hire (high quality!) people from McDonald's. If they can handle McDonald's customers, they should be OK with intelligent library customers
Same thing as above, but video game (time management game, like Diner Dash, where you have to deal with cranky customers) - high score winners get an interview
Create a "research detective" program for library users to do research work for public inquiries. Each detective who solves a mystery gets to job shadow for a week and has bonus points toward an interview
Hire people with photographic memory
If you can't find them, train them; create an after-school training program that includes a small stipend (or coupons from local businesses, something concrete) to develop the skills needed if they can't be found in the employment pool
New local game show: "Library Checkout" - maybe a combo of "Supermarket Checkout" and "Candid Camera" - have to check out grumpy customers, help with finding books, maybe have a "treasure book"
Make a multi-lingual video about cool library work and run them in theaters before films start
Take some balloons with cards attached to them which tells people who find the balloon to apply for the apprenticeship or to tell someone else about it
Offer free "dinner in the library with research librarians and an author" as a recruitment tool. Serve wine
Start a "library volunteer" program and target both retired and still working adults with the enticement of free research/social media software training
Put together a colorful "handout" calendar highlighting the most intriguing parts of being a librarian.
Take up the Ukulele - it will change her life and open doors she never dreamed of.
Target other good professions/hobbies for similar skill sets/personalities: sorority party organizers, office managers, bartenders (maybe alcoholic ones that need to stay away from liquor), political campaign organizers, travel agents, wedding/event planners
Hire older people who need reading glasses, but did not purchase them yet. They will be able to see well enough to do work, but won't be tempted to read, since they can't read comfortably.
Find people in complementary skill set jobs, and analyze Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs, Enneagram, etc. Deliver those tests in high school/college to find people with appropriate skill sets.
Find a journalist who writes an article about the current apprentice and mentions in the article that the library will soon be looking for a new apprentice
Sign outside your house (like for political candidates or housing contractor)
Transpose skill set into person of your choice via software or brain surgery
Set up an invitation for an audition
Website where you can sign up for job postings within a certain radius (like Home Again, job sites, or nixle.com)
Open lemonade stand and talk to customers about apprenticeship
Make it into an actual contest
Advertise the apprenticeship when you are having a book sale.
Design bookmarks to put in every library book borrowed, advertising training and vacancies
Donate used books to school libraries in the area. Get mentioned as donor in pamphlets for school plays, award ceremonies, etc.
Set up advertising for "away" sporting events.
Target people with special needs that would welcome being approached to try this work, such hard of hearing/ aspergers/ ocd sufferers
Tap sectors of the public who are underused and who have time and expertise, the elderly (retired teachers?), the housebound, young mums/dads with free time during pre-school hours, all with a vested interst in promoting literacy
Do a skydive raising funds for library activites and throw leaflets as you plummet to the earth.
Set up a Free Book Depot (condemned/ rescued books) or book crossing area where book lovers will congregate and inset bookmarks here too.
Have a rota of school students come to help for an afternoon a week - some will really enjoy the work and perhaps volunteer at weekends and consider this as a career
Open the library for unexpected activites, eg ukulele or knitting clubs, to bring in perhaps suitable candidates who wouldn't often drop in.
Attend "after game" parties in neighboring cities. Find out who organized the party, and let them know about the apprenticeship.
Host afterworks for your intended "audience" (it would also be a good networking opportunity for people in the industry) (you could have the afterwork at some other place, the important thing is that people interested in the subject show up so you can get to know them.)
Perform Internet research to figure out- why should they want to work for you? What can you do to make them WANT to work for you?
Literacy programs - perhaps adult learners would appreciate being around books and understanding how to organize them as a way of encouraging motivation in learning. Perhaps as part of their program, a short placement.
Gid rid of toilet paper in stalls next to yours. When person next to you needs toilet paper, write that you are looking for an apprentice on the tp (or just give them your business card with the info)
Mention the apprenticeship in the receipt/due date paper you get when you check out a book.
Most practical:
Most disruptive:
Have your friends contact their friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Use organic, low cost word of mouth.
Have a magician come in, and create a hat that is magical. When you put on the hat, the next thing you touch (maybe even a book?) will be your apprentice. Bonus: You do not have to pay the apprentice. (Based on "Fantasia" - Sorcerer's Apprentice.) (Note: per rubric, this entry does NOT have to be feasible!)
Create a TV ad based on Fantasia - Sorcerer's Apprentice (music, animation, etc.) Call it "Librarian's Apprentice." Play it at a county wide level on local access cable. Can also put it on YouTube, play at local sporting events, schools, libraries, etc.
Vector book graphic by ~avaccus: http://avaccus.deviantart.com/art/Vector-Book-59128760

"Fantasia" by Disney
50+ Ideas
When we last left off...
Problem Statement: Valerie, a librarian in a public library in a town of 30,000 NEEDS TO FIND A WAY TO recruit talented and motivated apprentice candidates from diverse locations BECAUSE the current methods for recruiting are not attracting optimal candidates
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