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Vittoria CK

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Fashion

Fashion Fashion 1700's clothing styles: Different countries saw different fashion trends during this time. European countries like Great Britain and France influenced the world of fashion in the United States. Fashion 1800's 1900s was known as the Edwardian era, and this was an important in fashion, because production of clothes became possible. This meant more Fashion for men and women. Fashion 1900 The Second World War, fashion as was known then took a U-turn, and fashion in the 1950s' was different from the earlier years. Fashion 1950's In the period 1700's close to the 1800's European influenced countries with women's clothing. Some examples of clothing would be... In the 1700 the pannier gown was very fashionable to women because it made their hips look bigger. Men thought that was attractive because the wider the hips where, the better of chance they would produce larger families. Makeup The pannier gown 18th Century makeup began with a white foundation made from white lead, egg white, and a many of other things. Topped with white powder (usually potato or rice powder), red or cherry colour was for lip color and blush. Mary Atoinette Backless Mules Backless mules were worn indoors and out (but not on the street). Toes were pointed. This style of shoe would was still popular in the next period of the 1800's. Empire Dress The empire dress had a tight fit on the top of the body while the lower half of the dress was .flowy. This style hid the shape of the waist. Parasol's Women carried parasol's whenever they stepped out. These parasols were fashionable umbrellas to keep the skin pale because pale skin was fashionable in the 1800's. Cloaks were worn on many occasions (usually Important occasions) but men picked overcoats which were easier to handle. Woolen suits Women wore "tweed"or woolen suits, it was an ankle length skirt with a matching jacket. Lounge coats men wore lounge coats for meetings and dinners, etc. The necktie Women's Hat Just like the 1700's no outfit in the 1900s wasn't complete without a hat. Hats that women wore in those days were large. Women's hairstyles were always high, and worn in a bun. Poodle skirt Women in the 1950s wore a skirt with a poodle printed on it. The skirts usually came in colors like neon pink and bright red. Leather Jacket In the 1950s, leather jackets created a bad boy look to attract the
ladies. Leotard Women in the 1950s loved wearing leotards, and would pair them with skirts. Leotards are
still worn today. Fashion of 1960's 1960s style is remembered as the period that broke with fashion rules. Fashion 1980's Fashion 1970's The 1980's decade was like no other. Electric neon colors everywhere. Mini Skirts Women and girls loved miniskirts. Denim was the most popular. These were often wore with leggings. Fingerless Gloves Fingerless gloves were also popular in 80s fashion, and it seems to be coming back into style. Oversized Tops Big sweaters, sweatshirts and t-shirts were so popular and wearing them over a miniskirt or a pair of leggings made them even cuter. . Women's Fashion Men's Fashion Breeches Men in this time period did not have long pants. Their pants were called "breeches", they came to the knee. The breeches had a "button fly" and pockets. Kerchief Men wore "kerchief", or "neck cloth". This was popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It was made of cotton or silk. Men's ties had not been invented yet. Shoes Shoes were hand sewn by "cordwainers", or shoemakers. They had no rights or lefts. MEN'S FASHION Cloaks The Long Drawers were poplar from 1850s. They are to the ankles. The Drawers came with stirrups to hold the leg down. Long Drawers Women's Fashion Hat's Hats began to grow larger in the 1890's, a trend that continued until 1911. Women's Fashion Corsets A corset made the woman's torso into the fashionable shape for the time period, making the chest up and pushing the back to force the chest and backside out. Men's fashion Trousers Trousers and striped trousers were in fashion. Men wore the pants with belts or suspenders. Women's Fashion Jackie Kennedy in Chanel Suit Chanel Suit The Chanel Suit is a very important part of 1950s fashion. Coco Chanel produced this suit in 1954. Men's Fashion Grey Flannel Suit the “Grey Flannel Suit” was used in older men’s fashion. This was one of the popular "blazer" styles. Ivy League One trend for teenagers was the preppy look, which was called “Ivy League” style. This was when cardigan sweaters were worn over collared shirts. Men's Fashion Bell Bootoms "Capri" pants were
still popular the 60's. But Bell bottoms replaced them. They were loved because the bell bottom were both designed for men and women. Newsboy hat Newsboy hat were a big bang in fashion for men. Mostly in the 1960's. This style came when the newspaper boys would wear hats like this while giving out news paper to locals. Nehru jackets Near 1966 the Eastern culture brought the popularity of Nehru jackets which came from India. Women's Fashion Paper Dresses The paper dress had bright designed on the dress. The dresses were made of a fabric called 'Dura Weve'. The material is used for scrubs, hospital gowns and coveralls. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Jackie O sunglasses The 1960s Huge, oversized sunglasses became popular for all women. From JKO Mary Quant mini skirt The famous Mary Quant mini skirt was big in the sixties. This was "A line" skirt. The fashion of the 1970's was a time when fashion was opening in many different ways. Men's Fashion The necktie is
piece of material
under a collar and tied
in knot at the front. Just like
a tie. Denim Jeans In 1973 jeans were created.
Soon this piece of clothing rose
to a trend between both
men and women. Leisure Suit In the disco era leisure suit
were common. The Leisure suit is
basically pant with a matching shirt
jacket type. Leisure suit hit high trends
when John Travolta was wearing this
clothing in“Saturday Night Fever” Women's Fashion Platform Plaform shoes were very
trending in the 70's.
People would usually wear
these shoes to disco. Jumpsuit In the day wear
jumpsuits were made of" denim, cotton,
stretch fabric,"
Night wear were made of "silky fabrics
in bright colors and print." Maxi Dress The dresses had hippie culture, that took over the 1970s. in the 30s it inspired prints like floral which was popular. Hot Pants These very short pants. But
the hot pants were one of the biggest
trends of the 70's. Almost every girl had a pair. Women's Fashion Men's Fashion Parachute Pants Parachute Pants were tight at the top
then sagged at the bottom. Most popular
with men. ? BUTTON
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