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Ideal Citizen: Alex Gaskarth

No description

Chloe Hill

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Ideal Citizen: Alex Gaskarth

Alexander William Gaskarth
Keep A Breast Foundation
KAB is a registered Canadian charity, working to expose young people to methods of prevention, early detection, and support. Through art events, educational programs, and fundraising, they work to build awareness in young people so they are better equipped to make better choices and develop healthier habits to benefit their long term health. In 2008 KAB introduced the
Shot In The Pit
fundraising photo exhibition. One of the bands involved being All Time Low.
Skate4Cancer was founded by Rob Dyer who said the main idea behind it is knowledge, and to show people how to prevent cancer and how to catch it early. In 2004 he skated over 8000km from his hometown in Newmarket, Ontario to Los Angeles, California. All Time Low first met Dyer on Warped Tour in 2005. Working with them has allowed S4C to reach a vast audience, educating them on cancer prevention and giving support to families dealing with cancer.
Alex live in 2013
All Time Low:
Shot In The Pit
Rian Dawson/Zack Merrick/Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat
Born: December 14, 1987 Essex, United Kingdom

Alex is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the pop punk band All Time Low. The band formed in 2003 while they were in the 8th grade in Towson Maryland. The current lineup was completed the following year, and they were signed to their first record label their senior year. He has said that him and the band have been heavily musically influenced by bands such as Green day and Blink-182. For years Alex and the rest of the band have been donating to, and working with different charity organizations.
The Fans
Through his life Alex has been dealing with anxiety and bad panic attacks, sometimes having to run off stage at gigs because of it. He has also gone through a couple of low points in his life, one being when his older brother committed suicide when he was in high school, and for a short period of time he dealt with depression. Because of this he has become an idol or role model to some of their fans. He is someone that their fans who have dealt with similar problems look up to because he has gotten past similar problems as them and now he is doing what he absolutely loves with his best friends. Just by his story he has helped and improved the lives of many fans. They have also helped their fans through their music to, writing songs about his personal experiences, and that the listener might be able to relate to as well.


Remembering Sunday

Running From Lions

Time Bomb

Memories That Fade Like Photographs
Bra Collection
Starting seven or eight years ago, fans have been throwing bras at the band on stage. Seeing how many were being thrown at them, they eventually decided to start collecting all the bras thrown at them just to see how many they could collect, numbers reaching over 3,000 three or four years ago. They eventually decided that they would start donating $1 to breast cancer charities for every bra that gets thrown at them on stage and encouraging fans to bring bras to their shows.
Some Of Their Recent Charity Work...
Skate4Cancer ambassadors

Breast Cancer donations

Keep A Breast:
Shot In The Pit

Charity shows
Green Day
I believe that he will be remembered for all the work that they have done with Skate4Cancer and Keep a Breast. Also their donations for breast cancer. I think that they will also be remembered for their music and the difference that they have made in the lives of their fans and even younger bands that they've worked with and helped out along the way.
All Time Low
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