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Sports Development Initiatives

No description

Lee Ballard

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Sports Development Initiatives

Sports Development Initiatives
(6) Sports Development
In your groups;
Number yourselves 1-4
Discuss how you will take notes
Discuss how you will present your findings (e.g. mind map, presentation, white boards)
Jigsaw Task
Jigsaw Continued
In your groups come up with a plan to present your findings.
You should use the resources available and incorporate role play if possible.
You will present your findings to the rest of the group.
Set yourselves roles for the planning and delivery of the presentation.
In your groups you will;
Top Trumps
"The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself." Dawn Fraser (Australian Swimmer, 3 time winner at Olympics)
Both players start with 6 cards each.
All characteristics are between 1-10.
You select a characteristic, the highest number wins and takes both the winning and losing card (cards go to the back of the pack).
The winner is the person who wins all 12 cards first.
Restart the game on completion.
Investment: How much money has been invested into the initiative or programme.
Economy: The impact of the initiative or programme on the economy, this could be increased jobs or increased income.
Participation: How many people participated in the initiative or programme.
E&D: The impact of the initiative or programme on Equality and Diversity.
Established: How long the initiative or programme has been established for.
Provision: The range of sports the initiative or programme offers.
What the Characteristics mean?
Big Lottery/Awards for All
Private Sector
Local Programmes
Get into your specific groups and discuss your area.
Think about the impact your area can have, and who they can impact.
Take notes as you will present back to your group.
Specific Groups
One person will feed their answers back to the rest of the group for 60 seconds.
The other 3 group members will be allocated a role (2x scribe, questioner).
Repeat this process until everyone has fed back (you must change the questioner each time).
If the person feeding back finishes early then the questioner must ask challenging questions around what has been discussed to stretch learning (e.g. why is this?).
Scribes will take notes on everything being said.
Back to your original groups
Key Points
Individual Whiteboards
Flip Chart Paper
Marker Pens
Present your findings in your groups.
Answer questions at the end.
Incorporate role play.
When Presenting Challenges
When Observing Challenges
Observe the presenting group.
Think of questions to ask at the end.
Ask questions to the presenting group.
Put areas discussed in the lesson on a piece of paper in a format that suits you (e.g. mind map).
Put your initials next to your comments.
Ensure each person has a minimum of 3 comments each.
Paired Task
Analyse the Learning Outcomes.
You have 60 seconds to justify your achievement of each outcome to your partner.
In a discussion between you and your partner you will decide which outcomes have and haven't been achieved.
Further Research
Next lesson: Develop understanding of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games initiatives, and their impact.
Key Words!!!
Girls for Gold
Tall and Talented
Playground to Podium
Sports Development Officer!!!
You may want to start the process of applying for the job if you are interested.
You may want to bring with you next week a Covering Letter for me to analyse.
Lesson Aim: To introduce learners to a minimum of two sports development initiatives
Learning Outcomes
(1) All learners will be able to give a description of two sports development initiatives.
(2) Most learners will be able to compare and contrast two different sports development initiatives, and will identify strengths and areas for improvement.
(3) Some learners will be able to analyse two different sports development initiatives, and offer realistic recommendations for improvement.
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