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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Sarah Patterson and I am a teacher in the Special Education field.

Sarah Patterson

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My Son William, 2011. Me and my son
Brandon at his 2011
College Graduation This past summer, I worked on my
garden. Lots of fun for me. I had 4
small flower garden areas. I can't
wait for next summer. Hello Everyone!!!
My name is Sarah and I hope
you enjoy my portfolio. I just
want to share a little about me. Sarah-2011 I have two sons. Their names are William Jr. and Brandon .
They are both in college now. William will graduate this May.

William just finished writing a book and I hope he will have it published soon. William pledged in 2009.
He is now a member of the
Omega Fraternity. William and Brandon William at school My first drawing.
My sons Brandon Modeling Sarah
2010 Summer years past
2009 Sarah Who am I
An Educator.
Special Education Teacher
I am certified in Elementary Ed. General Ed. and
Special Education K-12 I have been teaching for
20 years.
I currently teach in Buffalo at Riverside High School I taught elementary school for
8 years.
Loved it.......Now I teach High School
................................I enjoy teaching
every grade. I taught general ed and special ed.
I was even an art teacher for 2 years. I line dance in my free time Some of the line dance members,
along with me. We are at an
annual convention. me, as you guessed. Interesting picture.
Me and WOW My husband and me at our reception. My husband, Anthony and me at
our wedding reception. We spent our Honeymoon
in the Bahamas My son giving me away. My new husband and me
shopping in the Bahamas. My son and the guys at my reception. My wedding, 8/8/2012 I live in Niagara Falls. I attended SUNY New Paltz and earned a BA in Communications with a minor in Business and Black Studies. Last year was my first year attending Niagara University.
I was going asked to go for an administrative degree about 12 years ago by my then principal. I was not able to attend then.

I waited and I was asked again here in Buffalo. I decided to do it. My children are out of the way and I don't have any excuses. I have had nice rewards in my career.
I was honored as an Outstanding Teacher of the Year
in NYC during my third year teaching, at Avery Fischer Hall.

When I arrived in Buffalo, I was honored also and my picture
and bio hung in the Meriweather Library all summer.
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