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Subcultures & Countercultures

No description

Brenna Lanford

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Subcultures & Countercultures

Subcultures & Countercultures
Cross Country team:
• Norms: Come to practice on time, and do the workout your coach tells you to do.
• Folkway:
• More: Lying about your workout
• Taboo: Quitting the team because you think the workouts are too hard
Common Stereotypes:
• They have no upper body strength
• They’re always wearing athletic clothes

Counterculture: Hippies of 1960's
The Hippies were considered a counterculture because they tried to change the materialistic view that the people of that time had.
Benifits and Downsides
Subculture: Can create some diversity
Counterculture: Can set a good example for society
by Brenna Lanford
Subculture: Can try to overpower an actual culture
Counterculture: There are dangerous countercultures that hurt society
Stereotypes can effect both subcultures and countercultures because it will set a certain image in a person's mind
The Hippies had a big impact on society. They created a new kind of music, love for nature, and a global spread of the use of drugs.
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