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Quicker Picker Extension Grabber

No description

Alexis Snell

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Quicker Picker Extension Grabber

Extension Grabber By: Alexis
Submitted To: Mrs Pona
Date Submitted: Friday, November 16 What Is An Extension Grabber? An extension grabber is an assistive device that gives the user a distance advantage. Extension grabbers are useful to those with joint and back problems and those with disabilities. The Quicker Picker is specifically designed to make reaching more comfortable for consumers, along with a unique design. Quicker Picker Materials Used Broom Stick = Pipe
Handle+Lever = Handle
Grip+Plastic Clips = Grabber
Duck (Duct) Tape = Plastic Hold
Thick Metal = Metal Rod
Drill Mechanical Advantage Formula Effort Arm Length
Load Arm Length Mechanical Advantage G: Effort Arm Length = 8cm
Load Arm Length = 64 cm
R: Mechanical Advantage = M.A
A: Effort Arm Length
Load Arm Length = M.A
S: 8
64 =0.125
S: The Mechanical Advantage is 0.125 Fulcrum The fulcrum on my extension grabber is located at the back of the handle. This is where you are able to move and change the direction of the quicker picker, also known as the pivot point. Effort The effort is located on the handle. In order to pull back the clamps, you have to apply a squeezing force on the lever. The effort force is applied when you squeeze the lever. Load The load is located between the clamps. It is either hooked onto the clamps or stuck between them. The load force is applied where the load is in contact with the clamps. Disabilities Back: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral Spine
Soft Tissue Injuries
Disc Problems
Postural Stress
Sciatica (compression of spinal nerve)
Sprain/Strain Joint: Arm, Leg, Elbow, Knee, Ankle
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Tendinitis Other: Amputee
Elderly Helping Improve Lives The Quicker Picker makes it easier to retrieve items without having to bend over. This relieves tension and pressure in your back, leg and arm areas. By giving a length advantage, more muscular force is used, but the user may remain in a comfortable position when using the product, such as sitting or standing. In cases like Tendonitis, tension and stress is taken off of the tendons because the user is not bending. In multiple ways, the Quicker Picker helps many different genres of disabled and injured people to accomplish a simple task while staying comfortable. Environmentally Friendly Unfortunately, I was not able to make my design as environmentally friendly as I would have liked. I would like to use recycled metal/plastic to improve my design. My extension grabber does have a positive effect on the environment. The Quicker Picker can be used to collect garbage and debris. You can also re-use the device many times, as it has a sturdy design and well-constructed interior. Many parts, such as the plastic, can be recycled after the project is used. Three Parts Benefits Although the M.A is not very high, the extension grabber has many other benefits. It gives the user a large distance advantage, which is very useful. It can also hook or clamp onto items. It requires more effort, but provides easier access to items. It is also used for picking up light items, because users with fragile bones and muscles can not pick up and exert large amounts of force. It also has a strap attached so it does not slip off. Lastly,it is small, so it is light and is not heavy for the user too carry. Measurements Total Length: 64cm
Effort Arm Length: 8cm
Load Arm Length: 64cm
Class 3 Lever Improvements - Longer
- Use Better Materials
- Neater Work Questions
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