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Legend Of Zelda Games

A brief description of each Legend Of Zelda Games

Carol Newbraugh

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Legend Of Zelda Games

Game Info
*Spoiler Warning
While I tried to Avoid
Spoilers, to do this
Properly, it was

Legend Of Zelda
Link must collect the eight fragments
the triforc to free Princess Zelda
Originally tittled The Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda
Link must place the ancient crystals in certain locations in Hyrule to awaken the Princess Zelda of old.
Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link
Link's Awakening
Ganon returns, as the gerudo king, to rule Hyrule. Ourn young Link must first collect spiritual stones to gain the master sword. After reaching the sword, he goes 7 years forward in time and must awaken the 6 sages so he can defeat Ganon.
Ocarina of Time
Link must gain acquire the power of the four giants to stop the moon from crushing Termina. The moon is being brought down by the skull kid, who is being controlled by Majora's Mask, the final boss.
Majora's Mask
Link must collect the essences of rime to rescue Nayru and the country of Labrynna from Veran.
Oracle Of Ages
Link goes beneath the clouds to rescue Zelda who has fallen there. After reaching the surface, Link finds that he must also defeat Demise to save them completely.
Skyward Sword
The Video Game
Legend Of Zelda
Link must locate 3 pendants, the book of Mudora, and the moon pearl to gain the Master Sword and reach the world in which Zelda had been taken.
From the Dark World, Link must rescue the seven maidens to reach Zelda and Ganon.
Legend Of Zelda:
A Link to the Past
As boring as this is to all die hard Zelda fans, please tolerate this slide for all the strangers to the Zelda games.
Basics of Zelda
There are 3 main characters that have influence over the story:
is the playable character, the hero of the story
is typically an ally or in need of rescue, or both
is the final boss MOST of the time. Many times he is resurrected in the games, the enemies goal.
one more note: while all the games are connected, the characters are NOT all necessarily the same from game to game.
It should also be noted that the games do not fall in chronological order.
After a crash, Link ends up on Koholint, and must gather 8 instruments to wake the wind fish so that he may leave the island
It should be noted the Ganon has nothing to do with this game. The final boss is the nightmare.
Zelda is also not part of this story.
It could be said that Link's Awakening is a side story to the main Zelda series.
Neither Ganon nor Zelda are present in the story, making it a side story of Links life.
Link must battle the seasons to rescue Din from Onox. To do so he must gain the 8 essences of the Spirits of seasons using the Rod of Seasons to control the weather.
Oracle Of Seasons
This game can be connected to Oracle of Ages, which connects it to the main story line against Ganon.
Please refer there for details.
In the linked game, Veran and Onox were working for Twinrova to light the flames of Sorrow and Destruction to revive Ganon.
Vaati, who had once been sealed away by the four sword, is awoken and creates chaos across Hyrule with Shadow Link. Link himself has been spit into four, each with their own personality and abilities. To save Hyrule, Link (&co) must save the maidens an invade the tower of winds to stop Ganon.
Four Swords
Vaati shatters the Picori Sword and turns Princess Zelda to stone. While Link is trying to restore the sword by gathering the four elements, Vaati shrouds Hyrule in darkness. After restoring the sword, Link must vanquish Vaati to rescue Princess Zelda
The Minish Cap
This is a prequel to Four Swords
The twilight realm has taken over most of Hyrule, leaving it to Link, the only one free from the whole curse, to vanquish the twilight. To then fully rescue Hyrule he must defeat Ganon, the one behind Zant (temporary King Of the Twilight)
Twilight Princess
Link uses the hourglass to help prevent his life from being drained as he searches for the Spirits of Wisdom, Courage, and Power. After doing so, he must forge the Phantom Sword to vanquish Bellum.
Phantom Hourglass
Neither Ganon nor Zelda appear in this story
The spirit tracks are disappearing so Link and Zelda must travel to restore them. Then the two must force Madallus and Cole into imprisonment under the Alter of the Dark King.
Spirit Tracks
Wind Waker
Link must rescue Zelda and the maidens for Ganon's grip
Now to do some typical Zelda Back tracking...
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