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The Global Village

The invention of internet

Russell Gates

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The Global Village

The invention of the internet, satellite communications, cellphones, and all other forms of communications people use today seem to show the McLuhan was right about the effects of the information revolution people can now communicate with one another in groups that are not connected to any nation -state or orginization- they have formed whole new communities people can now communicate with one another in groups that are not connected to any nation-state or orginization they have formed whole new communities. As McLuhan predicted, technology has removed all the political, social, and economic barriers between people around the world. Removing these barriers to human communication means that people can now relate to each other on a global scale. They now live in what McLuhan calls a "global village." Global communication in the 1960's the internet did not exist. But canadian media philosopher Marshall McLuhan already knew that an information revolution was happening. Technological developments were making it much cheaper to store, use, and transmit information in all its forms. McLuhan predicted that the new electronic information systems would have a huge impact on human society, and especially on the nation-state.
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