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Cameron Coplin

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Sports

In this class, the students will learn the important essentials in becoming physically active and fit! Sports Creating this lesson plan has taught me many things that are going to be valuable as a future teacher. I was able to educate myself more in depth on the TEKS, which are an important part of teaching, and I was able to form my objectives and activities around the TEKS as well. This lesson plan was also a great way for me to become better educated on every aspect that goes into lesson plan making, especially to make it more efficient to my students who will be learning the information. Objectives Objective 1: The student will create a demonstration that represents everything that comes to their mind when thinking about sports.

Activities Create a Glogster By: Cameron Coplin Objective 2: The student will be able to research and identify three different sports, and two details about each. Objective 3: The student will be able to read a short story then, give the main idea and important points about the story read. Objective 4: The student will create and solve math equations using manipulative’s. Objective 5: The students will be able to create a fitness plan based on their knowledge learned in class. Create an Inspiration Create a PowerPoint story Create visuals using Paint Create a Microsoft Word document
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