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LatAm Gemini Journey

No description

Thays Hochman

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of LatAm Gemini Journey

LatAm Gemini Journey
Why did we raised the hand to implement the pilot in LatAm?
Global Technology for HR is a driver business enabler to follow Chapter 2 Roadmap of GSK
Necessity to simplify and standardise our HR processes as a region
Necessity to have accuracy in the information about our people
Necessity to evolve to follow the world´s changes in terms of technology
Just Brazil and Mexico passed through the HR transformation 1
Brazil, Argentina e Chile were working with no HR Systems - People management was being made in Excel spreadsheets
Starting the journey...
Mar - Apr 2013
Ago - Sep 2013
Oct - Dec 2012
Jun - Jul 2012
Gemini Market Workshops
Training and Testing
Gemini Validation Workshop
London - October 2012
After the mapping of the Level 4 and E2E processes, they were
signed off by the HR Team.
Kick Off London - July 2012
Standardization of global processes and definition of global roles.

At this moment João Marcio assumes the leadership of the Stream HR Admin.
João and the experts mapped the Level 4 and E2E processes with a big help and support from the global team, specially from Stewart Bond.
May - Jul 2013
Standardization of the Processes
re Work LatAm - June/ July 2012

Mapping of the whole HR processes in LatAm. At this time, even not knowing what was coming, we had all the support and availability from the HR leaders. This mapping lasted one month and a half.
Data Mapping and Design of the Governance Model
In parallel has been started an intensive work of data mapping by Tom Morgenstern and the design of the governance model by Sandro Tortelote and Jason Garbett.
Gemini Market Localization WS- RJ, Brazil - December 2012
During one week the HR LatAm Leaders
were gathered for the localization of the local and regional processes. This moment was very important to engage the team and to have the
commitment of their support.
- Bogotá, Colombia - April 2013
- Ciudad de México, México - March 2013
Sign off of the LatAm Processes.
Sharing and alignment of the new HR Service Delivery Model with the HR LatAm Leaders.
May 2013 - Training and testing for Super Users
June 2013 - SIT and E2E
July 2013 - TTT, SRT and E2E
Change Management, Communication and Learning
Engagement of the stakeholders and HR team by the Local HR Leaders
HR Campaign to integrate, engage and create an identity for the LatAm HR team
WD Learning sessions with the HR team
LatAm HR Service Delivery Model
LatAm Regional Structure
HR For You Architecture
Access to HR - Landing Pages and Telephone Numbers
Go Live!
For HR - August 26
For the Business - September 3
HR Organizational Structure
Definition of the HR Structure with HR Leaders and presentation to the whole HR team per market
Communications and Local Learning
Sessions for the Business
LATAM Structure
Lessons Learned
Centralization of the communication in a PMO that works in an integrated way with a unique execution plan would be very important for the organization of the project.
Critical and specific processes treated via live meetings being very difficult to be understood and taking too much time. If we had a consultant addressing questions market by market it would be easier and simpler.
Visibility of critical topics as type of access since the beginning is crucial for the design of the HR structure.
Alignment of the expectations and careful about what we disclose to the Business (eg. Benefits, employment cost, Mobile functionality/languages availability).
Communications need to be more focused in what is important for the Stakeholders, not just about the concept.
Careful with the complexity of languages and cultures; even if we speak the same language, the messages sometimes was received in a different way.
Change Management with the HR is extremely important since the beginning. The engagement, commitment and flexible thinking of the HR Leaders are key factors for the success of the project.

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