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Copy of Mind Mapping Template

No description

Rachel Steer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Mind Mapping Template

Meet the classes!
Opal Class - Miss Rachel Steer and Mr Nick Philips

Moonstone Class - Miss Sophie Ruddick and Mrs Roz Healy

Arrive at 8.45 for 8.55 register
Lessons start at 9.00 prompt
Good to be green (warning/consquence)
(Raffle tickets)
Year 1 Parents Meeting
Wednesday 16th September 2015
Our Year 1 Day
Key Stage 1
4 x Maths hour a week
4 x Literacy hour a week
3 FRED sessions
3 PE sessions (Gymnastics, Dance, Games)
Foundation Subjects (ICT, Science, History, Art, DT,
Music, PSHE)
3 groups (mixed ability) taught by Miss Steer, Miss Ruddick and Miss Evangelos
At least 30 minutes directed teaching time
Up to 30 minutes independent learning time
Directed teaching is a mix of practical activities and more formal recording

Independent Learning Maths
30 minutes independent learning following the 30 mins directed teaching
Range of different activities for the children to choose from
Activities consolidate children’s knowledge of topics

4 writing groups - to begin with 1 x writing group per day
Rest doing focussed Literacy independent learning
After 1/2 term whole class Literacy teaching - 1 group CT focus, 1 group TA focus
Literacy activities are based on topics/different texts/genres
1 session a week speaking and listening

Now part of Writing policy
First 1/2 term - refreshing lead in’s and out’s and ascenders and decenders
We will always model joined up cursive writing and will encourage the children to use in all their pieces of work
We expect the majority of children to always be using joined up writing confidently by the end of Year 1
More information about Cursive Writing at the
Parent Workshop
Cursive Writing
FRED – grouped across KS1 based on
3 FRED sessions a week
Homework – reading/spellings
Guided reading – 4 sessions a week
Small groups of 6 based on reading
Home reading - children to change independently

Autumn Topic – Monsters and Giants/Space
Spring Topic – Superheroes/ Health and Growth
Summer Topic – Africa/The seaside (past and present)

Carousel of 4 different foundation subjects
Groups of 20 - 22
One of the skills will be PE with our PE coach Emily
Children given a chance to consolidate their learning/new skills learnt in afternoon independent learning times

Skills Day
Monday (Sapphire/Moonstone - Outdoor Games)
Monday (Opal - Dance)
Thursday (Sapphire/Moonstone - Dance. Opal - Games)
Friday (Outdoor Games/Gymanstics in Skills Day)
No earrings, hair tied up
ALL PE kit clearly named – white shirt, red shorts and tracksuit

Parent/Teacher Consultations
Parents Evening each term – 10 minutes slot
If any issues arise before parents’ evenings please don’t
hesitate to make an appointment
with your child’s teacher for after school

Church visits at end of each term
Usually 2 main trips a year
Spring 1 – visit to Discovery Centre
Summer 1 - trip to Victoria Park in Surbiton (Science)
Summer 2 – visit to the beach (part of Seaside topic)

Parent Helpers
Please see the school office if you would like to help!
Parent helper meetings held on 29th Sept and 30th Sept
If you would like to be a parent helper you must attend one of
these meetings. Due to new school rules - you may not always be helping
in your childs class.
Sapphire baking (Friday) YEAR 1 LIBRARY - FRIDAY (rotate classes each week)
Opal baking (Wednesday)
Moonstone baking (Tuesday)

Last Reminders!
Afternoon Fruit
Water bottles
Play dates
Reading Records
Labelling all clothes
Encourage your child to be as independent as possible!
Sapphire Class - Miss Georgina Evangelos and Mrs Jenny Clark
2014 New Curriculum
* Now using new curriculum for all subjects
* Literacy - focus on grammar
* Maths - applying knowledge in different situations
* Developing Towards, Year End, Surpassing
* Expectations are much higher in new curriculum

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