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Subin Park

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Pennsylvania

Middle East:Pennsylvania Colony
William Penn was born on October 14, 1644 in London, England.
In 1681, Willam Penn found Pennsylvania.
His ideas: religious freedom, education, civil rights, and government.
He died on July 30, 1718 in Berkshire, England from the compicaion of a stroke.
: To provide a safe place for Quakers and religious freedom for all Christians.
: Getting Quakers to leave England
:Make the dangerous journey to the New World
How Penn granted to the colony
In 1681, Charles II, who was the king of England, paid to a long-standing debt to Admiral Penn by granting the son, William, a huge tract of land north of Maryland.
Penn named it Pennsylvania in honor of his father.
Their laws
1. A happy colony: The people who came to William Penn's province had reason to be happy.
2. Crimes were deal with: These were punished by fines.
Their food
Pennsylvania colony raised crops, such as corn, pumpkins, rye, squash, and beans.
People who were in the Pennsylvania colony worked on small farms and home-grown food for good supplies.
Men- The coats had to reach knees. The sleeves had the great turned-back cuffs from the middle of the forearm to beyond the elbow.
Men cloth
Women- The opening at the neck is filled in with a fine linen or lawn kerchief.
The full skirt is gathered into full pleats to the bodice.
Women cloth
Natural Resources
The colony of Pennsylvania had rich soil, immense water supply, plentiful timber, and great mineral wealth.
It also had iron ore, coal, furs, forest, and formland.
Make a Living
Farming, industry, trading and learning were all characteristics of colonial Pennsylvania.
Wheat and corn were the most abundant, and rye, hemp and flax were also grown.
Types of houses were made of natural resouces. In the Pennsylvania Colony farming communities were established and farmhouses were built.
Make Money
The colonist grew and sold crops.
Delaware colonists built ships, traded fur, fished, did some whaling and lumbering.
They farmed and grew cattle.
Yet there main money raiser was their exportation of their rich tobacco growing.
Reasons for establishing colony
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