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Human Enhancement and the Future of Sport

Congress of Brilliant Minds, Madrid, 2013

Andy Miah

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Human Enhancement and the Future of Sport

+ the Future of Sport
Congress of Brilliant Minds, Madrid, 2013
World Anti-Doping Agency
landmark meeting
Australian Law Reform Commission
report 'Essentially Yours'
About @andymiah
Professor Andy Miah, PhD (@andymiah), is Director of the Creative Futures Research Centre (creativefutur.es) & Chair of Ethics and Emerging Technologies in the Faculty of Business & Creative Industries at the University of the West of Scotland. He is also Global Director for the Centre for Policy and Emerging Technologies, Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, USA and Fellow at FACT, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, UK. Professor Miah’s research discusses the intersections of art, ethics, technology and culture and he has published broadly in areas of emerging technologies, particularly related to human enhancement. He has published over 100 academic articles in refereed journals and books, along with writing op eds for magazines and newspapers, such as the Washington Post and the Independent.. He has also given over 150 major conference presentations and he is often invited to speak about philosophical and ethical issues concerning technology in society. Professor Miah regularly interviews for a range of major media companies, which have included BBC’s Newsnight and Start the Week with Andrew Marr, ABC’s’ The 7:30 Review and CBC’s The Hour.
while this paper is about sport, the broader social context that sports inhabit is the primary impetus for my argument
WADA Code Prohibition of cell and gene doping
WADA Stockholm Declaration focused on genetic testing and information
Rumours of 'repoxygen' as the first genetic product used by athletes
March 2012
25% Britons unconcerned by GM food, compared to 17% in 2003 (British Science Association survey)
'very concerned' also dropped from 23.8% to 17.2%
my primary claim is that sports reveal to us how the future of humanity will look, as human enhancements become commonly used
what this means for sport is world changing, but what this means for society is species changing
more precisely
whereas today sports worry about doping technologies, tomorrow these anxieties will seem incoherent as people start to enhance themselves beyond the abilities of world record breakers
Calgene's Flavr Savr (1992-1997)
(acquired by Monsanto)
aimed to slow ripening processes by adding antisense gene - improvd shelf life but not shell resistance so still needed picking earlier (before ripe)
Choose your human enhancement
enhancing health-related resilience
enhancing lifestyle function/cosmetic
enhancements beyond individual norm
enhancements beyond species-typical function
enhancements beyond natural precedent
breast modification
height enhancement
laser eye surgery
human gills
WADA Ethical Issues Review Panel also tested on hypoxic chambers
British Government inquiry into Human Enhancements and Sport
EU ENHANCE project focuses on gene doping
BASES position statement asserts importance of genetic research into sport, considers ethical issues
Commercial gene test for athletic characteristics available
focused on concerns arising from using genetic information for the purpose of sport
What next for human enhancement?
What next for sport?
Creative Futures Institute
University of the West of Scotland

Miah, A. (2011) Bioethical concerns in a Culture of Human Enhancement, in Bouchard, C. & Hoffman, E. Encycoledpia of Genetic and Molescular Aspects of Sport Performance, IOC, 383-392.
Gene doping was suddenly real
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