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Sexual Symbolism

Semester I Final

Jennifer Dotson

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Sexual Symbolism

Jennifer Dotson Sexual Symbolism Sexual Symbolism is . . . "...sex doesn't have to look like sex: other objects and activities can stand in for sexual organs and sex acts" (136, Foster)
They write about sex but they really mean something else. How is it Recognized? How Does it Impact the story? Sex is one of the for main elements behind human behavior
Gives the deeper meaning of the story by telling what is really being said True Love The story is about a couple that met in an entomological conference and how they fell in love. They are about to participate in sexual intercourse but just before they talked about praying mantis and flies have sex. The female praying mantis would bit the heads off of the male and the male fly would have to trick the female fly or she will eat them. In the end they ended up having sex. 232-9979 Analysis All these stories relate in a way because each author used to get the point of the story across
True Love: without having the couple talking about the insects having sex the reader could not understand that they are timid.
The Haircut: without understanding that whoever the man allows to cut his hair is the same woman that he is having sex with the reader would not understand that he is cheating.
232-9979: without having her imagery the reader would not know that the woman is obsessed with the man and that she wants to have a family with him. Isomorphism True Love: the want for sex
The Haircut: the continual want for sex
232-9979: she wants to trap him so it is the want for sex to have a baby Sexual Acts
Suggestive language
Imagery (Garage door opening and a car entering the garage) by Don Shea The pattern in the story is that there are always repercussions in having sex and that women have a lot of sexual power. Pattern Within the story, the couple is timid about having sex and the discussion between the two suggest that they are both nervous and are recognize the seriousness of the act. Also, the man will be giving the woman power and the woman is accepting the power because the end result is that they had sex. Explanation The Haircut by Mary Morris The story is about a couple who isn't spending much time together anymore because they both have jobs in two different states. The man starts to make up excuses as to why he keeps canceling their plans. Before the two got married he would only let the woman he is with cut his hair and once they say each other again the woman knew that he was cheating because he did the same thing to his previous wife. Pattern The pattern in the story is that whoever cuts the mans hair is the woman that he is having sex with. Also, it is a way to show a sexual act. Explanation The woman knows that the man is cheating because he has hair cut and he only allows the woman that he is with at the moment to cut his hair. by Carol Edelstein The story is about a woman who was in a car accident and she falls in love with the man who as in the car accident. A few weeks later they begin to have sex and is now she is pregnant and is contemplation on if she should call his wife and let her know what has been going on. Also, the woman is stalking him and wants a family with him. Patterns The pattern in the story is imagery because when the woman tells reader that she is pregnant by saying that there is a garage door opening with twin strollers. Explanation The imagery of the garage being open and that there is a baby carriage suggest that she is pregnant.
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