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Twitter Marketing Presentation

No description

Ceylan Yolci

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Twitter Marketing Presentation

Target Market Porter's 5 Forces Analysis What is Twitter? Who are these men? SWOT Raise revenue through advertising and analytics
Replace top management and restructure organization Well-known reputation and Brand recognition
High exposure in the media
More simple and easy to use than other social networking sites
Low technological cost Low user retention rate
Lack of plan to produce revenue in the future
Limited functionality of user interface
Unstable platform: crash New competitors entering the market
Competitors becoming more innovative
Growing too big and too fast
Usage of Twitter (everything is public) Analysis - Twitter is an online social networking service that enables it users to send text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets", and a microblogging service.
- The founders are Jack Dorcy, Evan Williams and Biz Stone
- It was first called "Twttr Beta" and then became Twitter
- Over 500 million users as of 2012 and generating over 340 million tweets daily
- Twitter is in the Top 10 most visited websites on the Internet Growth in twitter use has not slowed down one bit and is expected to continue to grow worldwide Since Twitter launched in 2006, it has enjoyed tremendous growth around the world.
Both private Internet users and public corporations have embraced the microblogging site to share news, photos, links and more. MARKETING MIX PRODUCT PRICE Twit Bank 1 Twitter Credit= 1 Usd. Communication Tool
Instant messenger
News Tool
Marketing Tool
Research Tool
E-Maeket instant messenger charge zero charge little charge little with the strong telecom company, we can provide users: 1. good quality of connection 2.low cost 3. convenient talk over the world cost<<1 cent/min user can buy the Twit Credit monthly quarterly annually News tool charge the News Corporation annually 10,000 Twit Credit for a News Corporation account 1,000 Twit Credit for operating charges every year cost<< TV stations popularizing rate>>TV stations users can make comments or twit to their friends marketing tool 1,000 Twit Credit for a Business Account 100 Twit Credit for operating charges every year 10 Twit Credit for one advertisement 0.1 Twit Credit for users who retwit the advertisement cost<<traditional advertising popularizing rate>>traditional advertising efficiency >> traditional advertising convenient for users to buy products convenient for users to recommend to their friends research tool search engine (free) data base (charge for special users) 1.500 Twit Credit for all users' data of 1 main city 2.200 Twit Credit for all users' data of 1 normal city cost<< research company range>> research company accuracy>> research company e-market charge the sellers 100 Twit Credit for the Account no operating charge 1.convenient for buyers and sellers 2.payment though Twit Band, Safe. for sellers: cost<< rent of solid shop for buyers: convenient>> solid shop PLACE two main channels:
1. Twitter to users Twitter can introduce the new Twitter to their current users 2. Twit Bank E-Bank Bank Users users go to their bank,
open an E-Bank account,
open an Twit Bank account and enjoy the wonderful service of Twitter PROMOTION 1. share button when you are surfing internet,you will see some share button, if you share once, you will get 0.1 Twit Credit 1. every users can share one item once 2. no more than 10 times each day 2. word of mouth 1. current users send invitation to friends. 2.friends accept invitation and apply for a Twitter Account. 3.old users can get 1 Twit Credit for 1 new user 3. connection with Bank Twit Bank forms connection with Bank,and Bank help promote Twit Bank 1. employees hold stands in the Bank, help potential user to open Twit Bank Account. 2. give out brochure when potential users are waiting in the long queue 4. connection with solid shop some shops have both solid shop and e-shop 1. the solid shop help give out the brochure 2.sellers help encourage customers go to the E-shop and enjoy discount. 5. TV ADs 1. design a small film fully introduce the new Twitter 2. sponsor some events like NBA,America's Got Talent,etc 3.audiences can twit the events and have the opportunity to participate in lucky draw ADVERTISING ADVERTISING -Coca Cola, Disney, & Starbucks have deals with Twitter for promoting their products.
-Promoting Tweets
Advertisers pay for tweets (bid price)
Appear on homepage streams of users
Listed at the top of search results
-Promoted Trends
Appear at top of Trending Topics
Cost 100K-200K More Advertising -Promoted Accounts
Improves brand visibility and business follower base
-Enhanced Profile
Freedom to use logos and other visual branding
-Political Ads
-Twitter Feeds on Yahoo and Bing
-Self-Serving Advertisement Platform
Advertisers choose budget and select advertising options accordingly New Companies use it to reach out to their customers 4 Ps of Marketing
Advertising Content 1. Introduction
2. Twitter: Stats and Facts
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Target Market
5. 4 Ps of Marketing
6. Advertising
7. 5 Forces
8. Competitors
9. Conclusion TARGET MARGET Competitor Analysis Conclusion
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