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The Particle Theory Of Matter

to show what and how the particle theroy works

linda thani

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Particle Theory Of Matter

What and how it works Particle Theory What is the Particle Theory SOLIDS,LIQUIDS AND
GAS How the temperature effects the particle Thank you for listening to my
presentation!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure substances and mixtures Particles have space in between other particles. depending on the object you are describing. For example a potato is a solid so the particles in the potato are very close together and hardly moves,while a liquid has more space in between other particles but not as much as gas.(example ,water or juice)And finally gas, the particles in gas is very far apart and can move in all direction ,for example pollution or steam is an
example of a gas. temperature affects the way the particle moves. for example when the temperature is hot, the solid,liquid, or gas particles expand and start to move more than before. but when the temperature is cold the solid liquid or gas stars to contrast and the particles move slower than before. Because of the particles theory we can understand how pure substances and mixtures work.A pure substance only contains one kind of particle for example copper is a pure substance because there is only copper nothing else.a mixture is 2 or more of the pure substance (or 2 or more different kinds of particles. For example Curry has a bunch of pure substances like for example potato, tomatoes, oil
, salt or even spices. you can't see the particles in this solid with
a naked eye but when you look with a microscope........................................ the particle theory is a theory that all matter is made out of particles.And since everything is made out of matter, that means that the world world is made up of particles. Also particles have a space in between other particles depending on what the object(solid, liquid,or gas). when a solid or liquid gets hot this is what
it looks like(with the particles) copper is a pure substance chicken curry is a mixture liquid gas solid And this is what liquid particles
looks like!!! And finally this is how gas particles look like Not actual color of particles!!! this is what solid particles
look like have a powerful day!! this is what you see!!! by: Linda Thani gas solid liquid condensation evaporation melting freezing deposition sublimation This is what you see
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