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Pinky Li

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Motivation

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What is it that motivates these full time volunteers to devote so much of their time?
Crossroads Foundation

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- NGO based in Hong Kong
- Aims to connect those in need with those who have goods
- Unique

Mini Survey
- Volunteer functions inventory (VFI)
- 20 full time volunteers & 9 Part time volunteers

: Full time volunteers will score higher than part time volunteers in terms of all six functions.
Part time
- Community volunteers
- Members from school and corporate partners
- Approximately 150-200

Full time volunteers
- From all around the world
- Approximately 40-50

Focus: Motivation behind full time volunteers at Crossroads

Research Questions:
What are the drives that motivate people to volunteer at Crossroads?

What is the difference between the motivations of part time and full time volunteers at Crossroads?

- Student T Test
- Mean
VALUE function score
of full time volunteers (M=30, SD=4.9) is statistically
than that of part time (M= 26.7, SD=6.6)
- No significant difference found between the
understanding, career, social, and protective scores
of full time and part time volunteers
- Mean
ENHANCEMENT function score
of part time volunteers (M=22.5, SD=8.75) is statistically greater than that of full time (M=19.8, SD=9.23)
Case Study: An interview with a full time volunteer at Crossroads

- VFI has been criticized on various grounds
- Eclectic with no clear theoretical basis for the functions or overall number
- Functions not exhaustive/ exclusive/ same level of generality
- Suggest reasons for volunteering that had not occurred to the respondent before
- Obscures fact that motivations vary in salience

(Shye, 2010).
Functional Approach
Clary and Snyder(1991)
6 Functions for volunteering
1. Values Function:
Volunteering in order to express or act on important values, such as humanitarianism and helping those less fortunate
2. Understanding Function
Volunteering in order to learn more about the world and/or exercise skills that are often unused
3. Enhancement Function
Volunteering in order to grow and develop psychologically
4. Career Function
Volunteering in order to gain career-related experience
5. Social Function
Volunteering in order to strengthen one’s social relationships
6. Protective Function
Volunteering in order to reduce negative feelings, such as guilt, or to address personal problems


Practical implications
- Build up organization image to fit the two functions valued
- Assign tasks to fulfill functions
- Small sample size
- Desirability bias
Thank you
Background of interviewee
Full time volunteers: VALUE and UNDERSTANDING function
Part time volunteers: ENHANCEMENT function
Potential for further investigation:
Full time and Part time
Case study:
Interviewee’s VFI survey and interview content aligns with the results of mini-survey
Potential for further investigation:
Consideration of other factors in researching volunteerism topics

Journey to Crossroads begins in 2005…...

Received a shipment from Crossroads
-> Crossroads asking for people to take up volunteer positions

The difficult DECISION

Challenges Encountered

Social separation
Family and Friends

Economic pressure
Hand to Mouth (little allowance from teaching)
Flight tickets and living expenses
Unexpected expenditure

Home country expectation
Helping family members
X okay to work without salary
Uneasy to ask for support (esp. monetary support)
Supposed to bring back money after coming back from Hong Kong


Most Significant Functions→ Understanding and Value
Matches with our survey results

Greene’s survey result:
Greene’s Most Significant functions (1)


“All in all, serving at crossroads has taught me a lot of things, it’s a platform for me to learn what I have within myself,
my potential is being released and exposed

‘Good to
interact with different people
in different countries, I learnt a lot from them.’

‘’It’s something that encourages you to see something in the corporate world, it helps me to aspire more, to have more inspiration of
advancing myself
, exposed to the corporate world.”

“It also helps me to understand the issues that I may not have known, people talk about certain issues trends in the world, big economics, politics, volunteering at Crossroads
changes me a lot in terms of understanding the world trend
. ”

Greene’s Most Significant Functions (2)


“Life has been we
serving people who are less privileged.

“It’s the
passion and love
we have for the people out there.”

“We came here knowing that we are still going to server these children and impact lives, but in a larger platform.”

impact lives
to other lives, I used to see myself in these shoes, helping people in need.”

“It also helps us to inculcate the sense of helping others in our children, know the value of what it is to help.”

Possible Considerations to be taken account when researching volunteerism topics

Economic pressure

Home country expectation

-> Social concerns
-> Cultural context
-> Financial considerations
Duration of Crossroads:
3.5 years
Home Country:

Still…...Here they are at Crossroads!

“But we keep on going anyway, hoping that one day it’s going to be okay, because we know what are doing for the people out there, is not in vain. We put
people’s interest before us
, it’s all about others others others.”
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