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Vegetation and Livestock Wealth

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Syeda Maha Bukhari

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Vegetation and Livestock Wealth

Vegetation and Livestock In The Arabian Gulf
Livestock in the UAE
Natural Vegetation in the UAE
Today We will talk about Livestock in UAE
Here are some pictures to show some livestock in UAE.
These were some of the livestock of the UAE.
But there wasn't many animals, do you know why?
This is because UAE is considered a poor as far as livestock resources are concerned. Why?
UAE is considered poor because the land is not soil, its sand. Also the sand is not fertile, next, The sun is scorching hot, so most of the plants die/burn here. Lastly, it is very dry here so even if the plants are being watered, the sand would just drink it all up and leaving none for the Crops.
Another thing is that even though there are some animals, those numbers are very limited. So even if there were more species, the population would be very less. As it is very hard to live here.
Today we will also talk about the Natural Vegetation in the UAE.
Here are a few Crops/plants that are found in the UAE.
As you saw, there were many different kinds of plants here but these plants/crops cannot be found in any other habitat, only in a dessert. Why is that so?
I believe that these plants have grown used to this habitat, they have evolved in a way. But if you take them to a rainforest, they would die. But why would they die?
They would die because they are not used to this habitat. Now they are used to the heat and very little water. If you put them in a rainforest, they might drink too much water and die. Or they might not get enough sunlight on its behalf so it might die also.
This is the basic information for the Livestock and Natural Vegetation in the UAE
Thank you for listening. I hope you have learned something from this prezi.
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