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canadian identity

No description

harneet nijjar

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of canadian identity

Canadian Identity
has changed
The English
The change
Why do some people think that the natives did nothing for us? They didn't have the materials that we have now , they are the ones that started everything. That is a big topic so let me talk about First Nations people and their influence on clothing.
One piece of native clothing called a Buffalo Rope. They created this piece of clothing with animal skins and a few other materials.The Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota natives made the Buffalo Rope.
As you could see the Europeans were more elegant and had some better clothing then the natives.There clothes were made of wool and silk also very rarely animal clothing.
When the English people came they changed the pure elegant to something like urban style. They changed it a little bit TOO, more like jeans and dresses.
Just look at now and and then, we are now wearing some half sleeves and some ''cool'' clothes. We now have changed humanity a lot and we are now real Urban's.
so the change
how many different styles
Whats the message
Why do people change clothing
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