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Interview Skills

No description

Ron Orick

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Interview Skills

Dressing for the Interview
Interview Day
Don’t Be Late!
Interview Preparation
Do your research
Interview Preparation
Practice, practice, practice
Other Interview Day Tips
Stop by the restroom on the way
Bring a note pad/portfolio and pen
Bring extra resumes
Check in with the receptionist
Greeting/getting to know you
Interviewer’s questions
Questions and answers
The Closing
Firm handshake
Nervous is “ok”, but try to relax
Greet the interviewer by name
Be enthusiastic
Interviewer Questions

Tell me about yourself.
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
Why did you choose your major?
Why should I hire you?
Provide an example of working
under a deadline.
Interviewer Questions
Interviewer Questions
What are your short-term goals?
Interviewer Questions
Describe the job duties.
What type of skills/personal qualities does your company look for in candidates?
How much travel is involved?
Example Questions:
What is the hiring process for this position?
Is there a second interview?
When might I hear something?
When do you hope to have the position filled?
Send a thank you note
U.S. mail

Should I call to follow-up?
Inappropriate Questions
Tips for a Successful Interview
Do your research
Annual Report
Network with employees, friends

Practice your interview skills
With a friend
In the mirror
Career Services
Be on time
Dress professionally
Bring extra resumes
Bring a pen and paper
“Rehearse” common questions
Tips for a Successful Interview
Watch your non-verbal communication
Eye contact
Nervous habits
Emphasize your strengths
How they meet the position description
Have a few questions ready to ask the interviewer
Don’t ask about salary in the first interview
Ask what happens next
Be yourself!
Ten Most Common Mistakes
Not knowing enough about the company
Inappropriate dress
Arriving late
Not shaking hands and not making eye contact during the interview
Misrepresenting your skills and experience
Ten Most Common Mistakes
Not appearing enthusiastic about the position
Asking for more money than the position pays (or you are worth)
Making negative comments about your previous employer
Asking prematurely about salary
Ten Most Common Mistakes
Asking what the employer can do for you instead of emphasizing what you have to offer
Top Employers Publications and The Marskell Group”

Keep talking after answering the question
Not asking what happens next
Focus on your strengths that match the position.
Tell me about yourself.
Be confident
Start with your credentials
Why you chose your major/industry
College experiences
How can you help them
Don't leave the interview without asking what happens next?
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