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Untitled Prezi

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tanya linares

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mario Mario is 13 years old
lived in Juarez. His parents decided that Mario should start going to Coronado high school. Mario was very excited to attend the first day of classes and meet new people and also he felt very nervous because that would be a new whole experience, new language and new people. everytime Cameron came out of class, he and the other guys would throw his backpack and began calling him with very offensive nicknames like, beaner, the little Mexican, etc... After that, Cameron Started sending messages to Mario’s cellphone with thousands of insults. The first day was not so good for Mario, a group of guys started bullying him. Especially a boy named Cameron. solutions
P S Sequence Scenario Sequence 2 His parents decided to move to El Paso, TX. Mario does not speak English and he needs to start going to school. Mario needs help , so I think that, he should go to the principal, but first he needs to ask his parents for help. It is very important that Mario talk to his parents because that is the only way to solve the problem. Emotional

Mario is one of many young people, children and even adults who suffer from bullying. This problem is becoming bigger in our country, and has especially serious consequences. Many boys and girls suffer from this type of violence in schools. Consequences can run into horrible as suicide, low self-esteem, and physical injury.

Mario started to not want to go to school for the mistreatment of his schoolmates. He was depressed all the time, and even he no longer wanted to leave the house and interact with other kids. Parents began to notice the odd Mario’s behavior, and decided to talk to him. Mario finally told his parents and they talked to the principal. Circumstantial Mario finally attended a specialist psychologist and gave various therapies to help him with his self-esteem and that Mario might start believing in himself.

Mario began to attend school and could make friends. Started going to language class to improve his English, and so would also help him academically
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