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Red Dog Film Techniques

No description

Lucy Branson

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of Red Dog Film Techniques

Symbols and Language
There are lots of things in Red Dog that are or could be symbols for Australia. For example, the red dirt shown throughout most of the movie could be a symbol of Australia as it would be very easy to find it in Western Australia, the top of South Australia and the Northern Territory. The singlets that a lot of the men wear are literally icons of Australia. You would be able to find mens singlet in other countries but not like Australian singlets. Also the boots and shorts that the men wear. The shorts could be a symbol of Australia because Australian men are the only people bold enough to wear shorts that short in public. The boots are an Australian symbol because they are probably the iconic Australian Blundstone or Rossi boots. The language in Red Dog is made to sound like an authentic Australian by the slang and of course, the accent.
Sound and Music
The music in Red Dog is very upbeat, happy music. They have music to suit every situation and it sounds good as well and is from the 70's, but not before the film was set in 1971. In the scene where Nancy and John first meet on the bus the music is happy and makes you want to tap your foot, but also sounds a little romantic to show the beginning of a romance between Nancy and John. It is also kind of quirky because some thing different is happening in the small community of Dampier. The sound/music when Nancy and John are at the drive in watching a movie is a good lead up for Red Dog to jump on the bonnet of the car and bark just as Nancy and John were about to kiss while hiding from Red Dog. They also make the final scene a happy one after Red Dog dies by using, good, fun, happy music.
The characters, especially the males, help create the stereotype of an Australian male by the way they dress, how much they drink and how they talk. Peeto is the perfect representation of the stereotypical Australian male. He wears shorts too short for most people and the typical australian singlet that could be part of an Australian males national costume. He wears work boots like most hard-working Australian males that aren't afraid to do hard work. He has a very strong Australian accent and drinks lots of beer and alcohol. He also the perfect representation of an Australian male by the way he would fight over someone insulting his facial hair.
Red Dog
Film Techniques
Red Dog is centered around many things, but one of the main things is Friendship. One of the many quotes from the film about friendship is when the after the Cribbages tell Nancy red dog cant stay there and everyone shows up at their doorstep. "who's there" "everyone". That shows that everyone sticks together and will help anyone else out especially Red Dog. “More than man’s best friend…. A mate to the entire community” also shows friendship as its saying that Red Dog is the best kind of friend in the world because he's friends with everyone and has no preferences and he doesn't judge a person by their appearance but by the way they treat him.
There are many different camera angles used in Red Dog to show different things. Close ups, particuarly of Red Dog to show his emotions and what he thinks of his situation. In the scene where John and Nancy meet for the first time, they use an over the shoulder shot probably to include both of them in the one shot while they have they're (short) conversation. Another reason they could have filmed it that way was so the audience could see how they react/feel about one another. Another type of camera angle used is the extreme long shot while red dog is looking for John all over the country. They probably used this camera angle to show the vastness of the Pilbara and how isolated Dampier is and to show how far Red Dog is willing to go to find John. When Peeto, Vanno and Jocko find John after his accident, they don't actually tell you he is dead, they imply by showing the dead animal on the road, and the sunglasses in the grass. When everyone shows up at the Cribbages caravan, they use a camera angle that can fit all the people in one shot. This is probably to show how many people care and will stand up for Red Dog. They also use this kind of camera angle when Red Dog is registered as common.
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