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The most beautiful waterfalls of the world

Project by Sasha Afanasieva

Alexandra Afanasieva

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of The most beautiful waterfalls of the world

The most beautiful waterfalls of the world Waterfall Angel
Venezuela The fact that this is the highest waterfall in the world, no doubt, no one there. His discovery, he is obliged to search for gold, which is actively conducted in this area by the Americans. waterfalls
Iceland Falling from height in the 60 meters, this waterfall is best known in Iceland, thanks to its picturesque. The deep depression in the rock behind the water flow can see a waterfall from all sides. Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe Waterfall, which locals call the "thundering smoke", European eyes saw only in 1855.The waterfall is an unusual sight - a narrow gap into which the water falls.Enjoy the spectacle of fully possible only from the air, otherwise the human eye is not able to reach such an enormous picture. Braydalveyl Falls
USA The most photogenic waterfall in California tourists prefer to visit around noon. That's when you can get pictures of falling from a cliff directly into a rainbow spray of water. There is a waterfall, and another name - "bridal veil". Niagara Falls
USA / Canada Niagara Falls - the common name of three waterfalls on the river Niagara , which separates the U.S. state of New York from Canadian province of Ontario High waterfall is 53 meters. The base of American Falls shuts pile of stones, which is why its apparent height - only 21 meters. The beauty of this wonder of nature attracts many tourists from all over the world.The most picturesque view of the waterfall opens with a Canadian bank.
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