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andrea gonzalez

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Ethics

Examples of people being ethical are;
Being honest no matter what the situation is
Being responsible
Being respectful to others
Not snooping into people's personal things that aren't theirs.
Knowing right from wrong
ethics online
what you do, say, and watch online
how you treat people and what you watch depends on your morals
where you find ethics
Honor codes-

what is an
honor code
a set of
or rules by which a community or a person lives by
usually based on what is believed to be acceptable behavior or
ethical actions
must be a certain level of trust within the group using the honor code to be successfully used.
used mainly in the U.S to prevent "academic dishonesty"

What is ethics?
Ethics-a set of moral principles, esp. ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct.
smooth conversation
how they portray themselves
How do you know if someone has ethics?

Kahla's Honor Code-
“We as Knights of Kahla’s Round Table shall:
Choose to unite in order to assist others who are in greater need of assistance than us.
Observe and give thanks for all that is good, right, and just in our lives.
Dare to act as models to those around us by achieving our goals with integrity and hard work.
Endeavor to journey through life so that looking back at the end, we find only respect and honor.
Offer courtesy, manners and kindness to others regardless of our differences.
Fight with honor, valor, and loyalty to protect the weak, never abandoning a true friend,
ally, or noble cause.
Hold ourselves to the highest standards of education, conduct, and personal values.
Overcome any challenges standing between us and success by working together;Never allow the actions of others to dictate our own.
Own up to our mistakes, accept the consequences, and pass on the knowledge learned from them.
Respect ourselves, our brethren, our school, our kinsman (kin), and our community.”-Kahla Middle School. ."-Kahla Middle School
What does that mean?
Kahla Knights should basically:
live with honor
how to deal to unethical people
What is plagiarizing?
take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one's own.

act calmly and normally
don't lash out
don't judge them
guide them in the right direction
if it doesnt involve you don't push yourself on to them
ethics in the U.S (news)
national business

workplace misconduct
new all time low
workers observed misconduct
percentage still significantly going down since 2007
ethics is the U.S.
Work Cited-\cal-beh
How to learn ethics???

Dramatic changes in adults in 20s and 30s in terms of basic problem-solving they use to deal with ethical issues.
second is...
you can't deal with it all at once there are stages on growth in physical development.
the abiliaty to think morally develops stages too.
examples of unethical behavior is..
an employee taking credit for another employees work
being unethical is:
misrepresenting a service or product you're selling, to make a profit of it.
Janurary 29,2013-
team of soldiers on a mission to make allies with local priest
saw a woman being forced into marriage
had to make a decision based on their
Project by : Andrea G, Jocelyn R,
Georgina G, Megan T.
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