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Psychology Presentation

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Sean Antonetti

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Psychology Presentation

Homework. Just saying the very word still sends shivers down my spine. Homework. The bane of every school child’s existence, the harbinger of an afternoon’s destruction. These remembrances of the feelings generated in some by homework leads to a very important question: Does homework have a truly redeeming purpose? Have generations of children been placed in this position of rigor for a valuable cause?

The purpose for homework can be outlined as the following :

To practice skills

(b) To increase learning-task involvement

(c) To foster student personal development (for instance, responsibility, self- confidence, time management)

(d) To establish communication between parents
and children about schoolwork, to fulfill system policy prescriptions about homework.

(f) To inform parents about classroom activity

(g) To remind students of teachers’ classroom requirements (that is, as punishment)
The Purpose For Homework The Role of Motivation Motivation is also a strong indicator of task success. Motivated students focus on developing understanding and mastering skills
What do students
Think about Homework? The population most affected by homework
have not had their views clarified by research
HOMEWORK QUESTIONS ABOUT HOMEWORK References Olympia, D. E., S. M. Sheridan, et al. (1994). "Homework: A Natural Means of Home-School Collaboration." School Psychology Quarterly 9: 60-80.

Stipek, D. (1996). Cognition and Motivation. Los Angelos, University of California.

Warton, P. (2001). "The Forgotten Voices in Homework: Views of Students." Educational Psychologist: 155-165.
Sean Antonetti
Gene Archer
Aqila Jones
Kimberly Lehmann
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