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After Twenty Years



on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of After Twenty Years

By: H.N. 2 Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Silky Bob reads the note that Jimmy Wells wrote
for him. The note said I was
the police officer that was talking to you when
you lit the cigar.
I saw your face and saw you were a criminal.
I couldn’t arrest you so I got someone else to do it. The setting is the streets of New York. The characters of are Silky Bob, Jimmy Wells, and a plain clothed police officer. The basic situation is policeman on night watch. Silky Bob was waiting outside a hardware shop for an old friend named Jimmy Wells.
Silky Bob was telling the police officer that he was there so he could see a friend he hadn’t seen in 20 years.
A police officer was talking to Bob when he lit a cigar, and saw the face of a criminal.
When the so called Jimmy Wells gets close to Silky Bob they start talking.
Bob was walking down the streets with a man he thought was Jimmy Wells. Silky Bob realizes he isn’t talking to
Jimmy Wells, he is talking to a plain clothed
police officer. The plain clothed man tells Silky Bob he is getting arrested for being a criminal. Resolution After Twenty Years Conflict An internal conflict is
Jimmy Wells against
his morals, and the
conflict is he has to choose
between a long-time
friendship and the law.
An external conflict is
Jimmy Wells against
Silky Bob, and the
conflict is Jimmy
Wells can’t arrest Silky
Bob because they are friends. Theme Friends can
and sometimes
friends can’t turn
in other friends. Opinion Why selected? I selected this story because it
talks about friendship.
Why you liked it?
I liked it because it shows how friends can't
turn on each other.
Changes? Silky Bob should
have been arrested by Jimmy Wells.
Questions to the author.
What made you write about how friends don't turn on each other?
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