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No description

Kaila Troncoso

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Glossophobia

Why do we fear speaking publicly?
- fear of appearing nervous
-concerned that others are judging you
-past experiences that were negative
-poor or insufficient preparation

Almost everyone is afraid to speak publicly, approximately 74% of people live with a fear of public speaking.
so why are people so afraid??
Kaila Troncoso
Glossophobia is the scientific term
for the fear to speak publicly.
What can we do to overcome the fear or, what can we do to just get through the speech?
Always prepare for your speech make sure you study your topic so you are prepared if question is asked.
-other insecurities
-comparing yourself to others

Try and be more confident while speaking. Here is an example of a debate between a confident speaker and one full of fear.
-stuttering or stammering
-weak voice
-rapid heart beat
-elevated blood pressure
-dry mouth
-stiff neck and back muscles
-body shaking

Some symptoms of
glossophobia are
Before giving your speech or presentation organize all of your supplies and do some breathing exercises to calm yourself down.
Focus on something beyond the people in the room. Don't fear moments of silence during your presentation.
Find a friendly face in the room.
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"
-Franklin D. Roosevelt
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