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Non-Mendelian Inheritance

Review of non-Mendelian Inheritance vocabulary and concepts.

Jenifer Haecker

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Non-Mendelian Inheritance

Mendelian Inheritance
better known as Mendals Laws - basic principles of genetics according to Mendels experiments. Non-Mendelian Inheritance
There are instances when the simple rules of Mendelian Inheritance do not apply.
In the instances when Mendel's Laws do not apply to a trait, the trait is said to have non-Mendelian Inheritance patterns. Examples of these patterns are Incomplete dominance, Codominance, Pleiotropy, Polygenic traits, Epistasis, and Environmental factors. Incomplete Dominance
When both alleles of a trait are expressed - blending of traits. Ex: red and white flowers make pink flowers Codominance
When both alleles are expressed - there is no blending of traits - the offspring of a white and pink flower would be a red flower with white dots, or a white flower with red spots. The human ABO blood system is an example.
Polygenic traits
Trait that is determined by 2 or more genes Example: human height and skin color Epistasis
When a mutation on one gene masks the expression of a different gene Enviromental effects
Enviroment can affect the phenotype. the color of hydrangea flowers can be influenced by the pH in the soil. Human skin color is influenced by exposure to sun. Sex-Linked Traits
Traits that are located on the sex gene. They are only carried on either the male or the female gene. Examples: color blindness is only carried on the X chromosome. Pleiotropy
One gene is responsible for a variety of traits
Example: dwarfism, albinism Co-dominiance example:
Humans with type AB blood have two differrnt immunoglobins (IA and IB)
Humans with type A blood have only IA immunoglobin
Humans with type B blood have only IB immunoglobin
Humans with type O blood have neither IA or IB immunoglobin
Co-dominance example:

Allele Codes For
IA Type "A" blood
IB Type "B" blood
i Type "O" blood Co-dominance example:

IAi Type A
IBi Type B
ii Type O
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