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Mr Mattock

on 6 June 2018

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Transcript of Nets

Nets of shapes
Can you build the shapes that have these nets? Use the polydron.
L.O. - Identify and problem solve with the nets of shapes (Level 5/6).
This is one possible arrangement of 5 squares that meet along their edges.

How many other possible combinations of 5 squares can you find that meet along edges (i.e. not at vertices)?

Draw as many as possible.
A hexomino is a set of six squares joined along their edges.

All the nets of a cube are hexominoes.

There are 11 hexominoes that are nets of a cube.

How many can you find?
How many nets?
How many nets can you find for the octahedron.
Draw as many as you can. You can build it if it helps.
Dice of Ultimate Power

1) Give a key word for the lesson.
2) Summarise one key point for the
3) Explain one thing you have learned this
4) State one thing you still don't understand following this lesson.
5) Suggest one thing you would like to find out
based on this lesson.
6) Free choice from 1 to 5, or another you make
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