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Senior Project 2


James Heatherly

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project 2

Senior Project 2010 Automobile Art About Me James Heatherly
Wide interest in art.
I enjoy other activities such as physical fitness.
Why this topic Expand my "know-how" in different art mediums
Try something new from the everyday pencil and paper My Research I explored the auto painting buisness from the inside out.
Wrote on techniques, skills, procedures, cost, types of paints and tools. My Mentor Bill Abrams
40 years expirence
Popular Making A Decision Inspired from "Panel Jam"
Cut out a panel from a car
Began on rough draft sketches
The Blue Prints Day 1 Timeline Cut out Panel
Old Acura Sanding Panel Leather like texture.
scraped off any old unwanted residue. Fixing our logo Logo came out too big Marbleize Plastic coated in Candy Concentrate 1/16th masking tape on borders Day 1 cont.. Logo Prep Hand Graphics Back of logo in black chalk.
Placed on application film. Cut out logo Exacto knife
Cut out black parts
Sprayed over (Red) Day 2 Pinstripes Orange, Purple, Crimson, Red
Requires a steady hand.
Practiced Day 3 Clearcoats Learned the clear coating process
20 coats applied 1 week to dry Dried Result Day 4 Touching up Chrome border
Rubberized Backside Thank you!
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