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the landlady

No description

madison mcconahay

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of the landlady

The Landlady By: Roald Dahl Vocabulary Chrysanthemums - a flower with a yellow center and white ray flowers. Congenial - Pleasant or favorable. Conjured - to affect or influence. Rapacious - given to seizing for plunder. dithering - a tremble; vibration. Billy Weaver was looking for a place to stay but everywhere was too expensive, until he came along a small Bed and Breakfast that looked very soothing. The woman inside offered him a low fee and he couldn't resist. Billy couldn't help but notice how nice she was. She tells Billy that he has to go downstairs and sign the guest book. As he was signing it, he noticed that there was two names before his - Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple. He recognizes the names. He notices that both of their names were entered over a year ago. The landlady tells him that both of those guys have never left the hotel. He finds out that he is the only person who has been there since Temple and Mulholland. Summary: Protagonist:
The person involved in the conflict
Billy Weaver Antagonist
The person who opposes the protagonist
The landlady Symbols:
The bitter almonds and/or walnuts would be recogonized as potassium cyanide Billy Weaver:
He's 17 years old and is a briskey business man. The Landlady:
A 40-50 year old, warmwelcoming lady on the outside, but on the inside has a lot of secrets to hide. Man vs. Man
Billy Weaver doesn't know that he's about to be the Landlady's next victum. 3rd person limited
The speaker is not part of the story, but tells about the other characters, but only says a little bit about what the characters sees and feels. Theme:
The story helps you to realize that people aren't always what they seem to be at first. The Landlady started off to be a warm welcoming lady, then she ended up to be a crazy, murder that stuffs whatever she kills. A 17 year old, Billy Weaver has traveled from London. Everywhere he went was too expensive, until he found the Bed and Breakfast. He talked the the Landlady, and she gave him a glass a tea. She insisted that he had to sign the guestbook. Bill recongnized the names; Christopher Mulholland and Gregory Temple. The landlady gives Billy Tea, and he notices that it taste like almonds; which is a sign of cyanide. He asks about her pets and he finds out they're dead and stuffed. He smells an odd smell, something like a hospital. It was her; she smelled like death. Billy asks if anyone else has been to the Bed and Breakfast in the past 3 years.. She replies with "Only you." The tone of the story starts out mysterious because Billy was in a place he's never been, with a person he has never met. Then the tone changes to serious because he realizes that the Landlady is poisoning him and trying to kill him. Examples of foreshadowing are:

Billy was walking by the Bed and Breakfast and noticed the dog and parrott and took the animals of a good sign; when really they were dead all along because she stuffs her animals when they die.

As soon as Billy rings the door bell, the Landlady opens the door before he could take his finger off of the button; which shows she was watching him.

When Billy signs the book and recognizes the two names is an example because he knows them from somewhere but can't remember; he finds out they are dead because she killed them.

After he starts to drink the tea, he realizes it has a weird taste - almonds. This is a sign of cyanide; a poison. She poisons Billy. The setting of the short story is in a cold, small town. On the outside of the Bed and Breakfast, it seems very cozy and relaxing, plus its very small. But on the inside, the Bed and Breakfast has an odd smell and is very dark. It's also very quiet and has a lonesome feeling to it. Flashback:

Soon after Billy recognizes the names of the two guest before him, he can't stop thinking about it. Then, it hits him. He has seen the names in the newspaper.
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