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Jane Eyre

No description

Chantal Bourret

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of Jane Eyre

This is an image of the film starring Charlotte Gainsborough. I chose this image of Jane teaching Adele because in the book Jane is supposed to be plain and Ms. Gainsborough has a different kind of beauty just like Jane.
It also showcases the value Jane places on intelligence and learning.

This image was sourced using the PREZI replace image tool and google images.
Lives with relatives
goes to a boarding school
works as a governess for a Adele
falls in love with the girl's guardian (Mr. Rochester)
Agrees to marry him
Finds out he has a wife hidden in the attic
runs away and is taken in by a religious family
finds out she has inherited a small fortune
returns to her first love, his house burnt down but she can take care of him now
Jane Eyre
Big Wedding
Marriage to Rochester

Jane was his servant
1st wife hiding in the attic
Mrs. Fairfax thought it was a bad idea


Life as a Missionary
St John Rivers asks her to marry him but she can't because he wants her to be a missionary
He doesn't really love her
She has money he doesn't
Theme Statement
Although there are many different themes in Jane Eyre, the reason that it is my favourite book is because of the theme that stands out most for me is:

People of intelligence and learning cannot find true love without feeling that they are the equal of their partner, even though they may have to face hardships to grow in experience.

This is true for several reasons:
1. Her first relationship with Mr. Rochester didn't work out.
2. She wouldn't marry St.John Rivers when he asked her.
3.She only married Mr. Rochester after she had her own money.
Summative Project
Jane Eyre
Finally reunited with her true love
Jane can finally be with Mr. Rochester at the end because:
His house burnt down ($$$)
His wife died in the fire
He was injured in the fire and is blind
She inherited money from her uncle


People of intelligence cannot find true love without feeling that they are the equal of their partner, even though it means they have to face hardships.
The main conflict is person vs. self.
Jane doesn't think she fits in anywhere
She is her own person
Sometimes not fitting in makes her unhappy.
Another conflict is person vs. person.
Mrs. Reid hates Jane
She puts her in boarding school.
She even prevents Jane from getting her inheritance
Mrs. Reid only tells Jane because she is dying and is worried she will go to hell if she doesn't.
Setting and Atmosphere
a Gothic novel
takes places on the moors and in a Gothic mansion
The house is creepy
There could be monsters are lurking in the dark.
Jane is lonely because everyone that loves her dies
This adds to the depressing feeling of the book
I love reading this book in November, on rainy days with a cup of tea in front of the fire place channel.
This is a very famous book with many adaptations.
My favourite is the one with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsborough.
I like the casting
I like the Gothic feeling
It was the first adaptation of this book I ever saw
Jane Eyre is the main character
plain, serious, intelligent, hard working
Mr. Rochester is her love interest
handsome, rich, dry sense of humour, kind
Adele is his ward
Pretty, loves to sing and dance
Mrs. Fairfax is the house keeper
caring, fearful
Mrs. Reid is Jane's Aunt
mean, careless, selfish
St.John Rivers
pious, hard working, self-denying
Helen, Jane's first and only friend
kind, red hair, loyal, quiet
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