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Discourse Analysis

No description

Tami Vera

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis Involves Interpretation Includes Interpretating discourse Cohesion Coherence Speech eventes Conventional
interaction Co.operative principle Background knwoledge is Interpretating messages Key element and in texts have a structure must have connection and Cohesive links the makes Understand directly relationated
with our experience so it makes the
conection between what it means and not what it said which are not express be aware of relationships of Speakers relat make influence in what and how
the speech is
said two or more people take turns at speaking participants are rud shy interrupt wait turn talking between participants including quantity quality relation manner information
required thought
ensence relevance clear
orderly implicotene direct relation interpretation
of what is
said tahks to the knowledge that we have before using schema is knowledge structure in memay one kind is script concentional
action takes place
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