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Strategic Planning and Strategic Management

No description

Stephanie Faull

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Planning and Strategic Management

What is Strategic Planning? More than a strategy but a process
A process that produces a product
Terms are not clearly defined
Purpose = mission
Goal = objective
Programs = activites
Why Plan Strategically?
To define or redefine an organizations direction in order to most effectively fulfill their mission by casting vision and setting reasonable goals Develop Operational/Implementation Plans Identify tasks
Establish timeline
Assigning responsibilities
Identifying needed resources (human and financial)
Define measures in which success or failure can be measured by:
Rachel, Maria, Rebecca, Emily, Taylor, & Stephanie Strategic Planning
Strategic Management Identify Strategic Issues A challenge that is or is going to effect the organization
Four different strategic issues: Develop Goals, Strategies, Objectives Guide the organization in the direction that it wants to move
1) Program Goals- Goals that go into services that the organization wants to be about
2) Institutional concerns- Deals with matters that should be addressed in order to maintain a more productive organization
3) Financial goals
Goals are typically broad and don’t state necessary step by step on how but rather just point the organization forward Defining Mission, Values, and Vision Vision – the dream or big picture
“A home and bright future for every man, women and child in our community”
Mission Statement – drives the organization, important to review
“New Hope Housing provides homeless families and individuals, shelter and the tools to build a better life.
Values – principals that the organization strives to represent and follow
“We are a community based organization”
“We welcome all including the unwelcome” Assessing the Situation No clear line between a nonprofit and its environment
SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (see white board) 1. Developmental issue involving vision/goals
2. Not immediate, but regularly monitored
3. Future issues, may need immediate action, unpredictable
4. Requires action now GOALS STRATEGIES Three levels of strategies: The heart of the strategic planning process! Now the organization decides what it’s going to do to address the identified issues (found through SWOT) and to achieve it’s stated goals. 1) Organizational strategies
2) Programmatic strategies
3) Operational strategies OBJECTIVES Specifically targeted tasks that represent steps towards fulfilling the goals
Characterized by statements designed to “increase” productivity or an aspect within a goal or “decrease”
Quantifiable objectives to bridge from strategic planning to implementation by having achievable targets set up Write and Communicate the Plan These plans are written documents
They should be shared throughout the organization to achieve a common understanding about the mission, vision, values, goals, and strategies. Execute the Plan/Evaluate Results Worth, M. (2012). Nonprofit management: Principles & practice (2nd Ed.). SAGE Publications. Thousand Oaks, CA.
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