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Feed by M.T. Anderson

No description

Andre'nay Harris

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Feed by M.T. Anderson

characters narrative techniques plot style what makes this book influential by M.T. Anderson The genre of this book is science fiction dystopian
Setting takes place on earth and the moon
Cutural issues: deal with technology taking over the human mind Everyone that went to the party on the moon got their feeds hacked by a hacker. Everyone turned out fine, but Violet's feed is the only one that got damaged. Violet wanted to live her to fullest with Titus, but he didn't feel the same way. Once she was on her death bed, that's when Titus started to realize that things were changing. Story told in 1st person
ex: " We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck."
Foreshadows in the middle
ex:" The feedware is starting to produce major errors." The style of this book is in a teenager language which upon society thinks how we talk.
ex. : "Like what the hell unit? Do you want to go in mal or not?"
diction is future words: unit-dude, meg-big, mal-high
detail is simple
overall tone is calm This book gives you a different look upon how the world would look in the future. context of book About the author Strengths of book The strengths of the book is that it shows how society has become too reliant on technology. Titus main character
born with feed
meets Violet on the moon
got into a relationship with her on Earth Violet very smart
didn't get feed until age 7
feed was damaged on the moon
tried resisting the feed (outsmarting it)
health was declining everyday What's a feed? A feed is a little chip that is inserted into your brain. It controls your emotions, thoughts, etc. It has all the information you need on it. theme Internal Conflicts he faces peer pressure by having to choose to defend Violet or not Marty Link Quendy Calista Loga Violet's Dad External Conflict dealing with the feed controlling her he is great at writing books for teenagers science fiction fantasy for challenging his readers to look at the world in new ways he defends the intelligence of young adults thirsty
Agent Q
Octavian Nothing Themes Impact on Literature What he's good at Other works... tall
butt ugly
Titus' other best friend
cloned after Abraham Lincoln Titus' best friend
good at everything
good looking
loud and obnoxious a follower
likes Link
tries to get his attention by putting artificial lesions all over her body
Titus' friend ring leader of the girls (not including Violet)
goes out with Link
doesn't like Violet Titus' ex
only one that didn't get hacked by the hacker (out of the group of friends) very smart
college professor
didn't get his feed until he was an adult
poor Why is he respected? Technology is making our world dumber.
You'll never know the true value of something until it's gone born in Cambridge, Massachusetts
attended St. Mark's school, Havard College, University of Cambridge, and Syracuse University
won awards for his novels Who' Anderson?
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