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Handsome Critical Thinking

No description

choi fungyee

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Handsome Critical Thinking

LOGIC Group member list: Chan Cheuk Yin 5310 3764
Chan Tsz Tung 5310 0450
Cheng Chun Hang 5307 8370
Choi Fung Yee 5310 3531
Leung Yan Nap 5311 5740
Li Kin Lok Micky 5310 9209
Mak Pui Man 5310 8599
Pan Qun Ying 5311 3930 1. Introduction of logic
2. Brief summary of the acticle
3. Writer’s stance
4. Analysis of Hitler’s fallacies
5. Conclusion
6. Reference Content   Deductive reasoning
Inductive reasoning Formal Logic Introduction of Logic Study of the methods and principles used to
distinguish correct from incorrect reasoning Basic ideas of Logical Reasoning Arguments Conclusion premise Inference General --> Specific
- Premise 1 :All human beings have
one head.(general)
- Premise 2 : Micky is a human being.
- Conclusion: Micky has one head.(specific) Deductive Reasoning Inductive Reasoning Specific --> General
- Premise 1 : By observation, most of the sprinter have strong body.(specific)
- Premise 2 : Edmond is a sprinter.
- Conclusion: Edmond has a strong body.(general) Informal logic We would focus on only informal fallacies. Analysis in syllogistic form Example 1 - Premise 1: The founders of culture should be high blood purity.

- Premise 2: Aryans are the founders of culture.

- Conclusion: Aryans have high blood purity. Example 2 Example 3
- Premise 1: Without the founders of culture, human world would stagnant.

- Premise 2: Aryans are the founders of culture.

- Conclusion: The world would stagnant without Aryans. Example 4
- Premise 1: The destroyers of culture would harm mankind.

- Premise 2: Jew is the parasites of Aryans and destroys it culture and economics.

- Conclusion: Jew is the destroyer of culture and would harm mankind. Example 5
- Premise 1: Man should not rebel against the iron logic of nature, otherwise it will lead to doom.

- Premise 2: Jew think “Man’s role is to overcome nature” and they are a kind of conqueror of Nature.

- Conclusion: Jew will suffer doom and end up Generally, any error in reasoning called fallacies.
Some mistaken ideas or false belief may sometimes be labelled as fallacies.

Examples: Hasty generalization, appeal to authority, straw man. The summary Conclusion Reference LOGIC Our viewpoint Ad hominem
Fallacy of composition
False analogy
Either-or fallacy
Slippery slope Fallacies END writing background Adolf Hitler was in touch with
"nationalist ideology ". When
he was in Vienna, he read some
books about racial superiority.He
was inspired to fight for the revival
of Germany. Later,he joined the German
Workers Party. After the failure of the November 1923 Beer Hall Putsch,Hitler was arrested for treason and sentenced to five years in prison. In the period of being in the prison, Hitler wrote the book"Mein Kampf" Albert Einstein was the owner of Noble Prize.However, he was Jewish theoretical physicist of the 20th century, and philosopher, is also the founder of the theory of relativity Einstein was best
known as "the father of modern physics
and one of the most important scientists
in 20th century As a result, it is deductive invalid. example Therefore, there is no relationship between blood purity and founder of culture Barack Obama It is dedutive invalid example : 3.http://news.xinhuanet.com/world/2007-01/29/content_5666555.htm It is inductive with a good reasoning Because of Obama's multi-enthnic
background, it is difficult for him
to obtain social recognition.

however, Obama now is the 44th President of the United State, and is the first African-American President in US.

In this case, we can observe that, even people
without pure blood,they can still be a master
- Premise 1: pure blood ->high racial(master)
(There is a wall between lower racial master VS. servant).

- Premise 2: Some human being with pure blood (higher racial) mix with lower racial. Latin mate with native people in America

- Conclusion: Their offspring did not have pure blood----> not high racial, relation between master and servant lose It is inducitve which is a weak reasoning. without the founders of culture, human world may not perish and there are many other founders in
the world. For example, China found brush wording in the past.

Therefore, Aryan is the most improtant is related
to if Aryan is the founder
or not In North Korea, people usually
try to test the nuvlear power.
These are the things which
breaking the law of nature and
destorying the nature.
Furthermore, they spend a lot of money on the weapon of nuclear power. Therefore, their country is getting worse,especially their economy.People have no enough food for their living.

In this case, we can observe that if someone breaks the laws, he/she will get into trouble The summary The summary Informal fallacies Ad Hominen The destroyers of culture would harm mankind. However, we haven't see any strongly evidence to proof that Jew is the parasites of Aryans.Furthermore, how they destroy it culture and economics.

Therefore, jews may not harm mankind. It is inducitve which is a weak reasoning. Equivocation Fallacy of composition False analogy Definition:

Being posed only two alternatives/ solutions/ choices – money or life Either-or fallacy Definition:
A course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another with unintended consequences. Slippery Slope Definition:
A false analogy is when an analogy is descriptive, but does not offer proof of a connection between the two things being compared. Definition:
It means that the statement is not consistent with the situation. Inconsistency Definition:
It is the misleading use of a term with more than one meaning or sense. Definition:
It arises when one infers that something is true of the whole from the fact that it is true of some part of the whole. Ad Hominen Definition:
An attack on the person making the argument instead of the argument itself. Quotation:
“Here, of course, we encounter the object of the modern pacifist, as truly Jewish in its effrontery as it is stupid!”

No evidence show that Jewish are stupid, even in Mein Kampf. Quotation:
“Then, if we were serious, whether we liked it or not, we would have to wage wars in order to arrive at pacifism.”

The view of different between Hitler and Jewish, even other races are different. Inconsistency Quotation:
“Then, if we were serious, whether we liked it or not, we would have to wage wars in order to arrive at pacifism.”

He claims that he would achieve peace, but he created a non-peace situation. Fallacy of composition Quotation: “In the monology of everyday life even significant men often seem insignificant, hardly rising above the average of their environment.”

Explanation: We cannot generalize the situation in one way only, as human beings are different. Equivocation Slippery Slope Quotation:
“If they (Germanic people) perish, the beauty of this earth will sink into the grave with them.”

There are many other causes that would destroy the beauty of earth than the loss of one culture. This fallacy is overlooked because humans like to be on the side of winners and would not argue against a compliment. False analogy Quotation:
“Every animal mates only with a member of the same species.”

Analogy made between humans and animals did not truly apply because unlike species, which have subspecies, there is no such thing as a subspecies of humans Either-or fallacy Quotation:
"To bring about such a development is, then, nothing else but to sin against the will of the eternal creator.” To conclude, we don't support Hitler's stand about the Jews.As there are no direct prove of the negtive influence to the other development.
Each of the races are cluture is unique, none of them are founders of cluture. 2.Copi,Inving M. Cohen,Carl and McMahon,K.D. 2011. Introduction To Logic 1.Aigner, Dietrich (1985). "Hitler's ultimate aims – a programme of world dominion?". In Koch, H.W. Aspects of the Third Reich. London: MacMillan.
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