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No description

Reagan Hall

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Electricity

By: Reagan Hall
Emily Powell
Zack Kerry
Frances Kosarich Electricity Introduction Who discovered electricity? Electricity wasn't ACTUALLY invented by anyone. It was discovered, and a number of different scientists realized that the world could harness and use the power behind it.
The most important person to discover electricity, or a form of it, was Thales of Ancient Greece. He was the one who discovered static electricity. And here's a picture...

One more person to discover electricity was Otto von Guericke. Who was the next major discovery of electricity, which came in 1660. He created the first electric generator.
Electricity was also first discovered by rubbing fur on amber, which is tree sap that gets super hard, causing a reaction between the two. No one really invented electricity, and here's an explanation... What causes electricity? To answer this question here are some explanations.
An atom is made up of three main sections; protons (positive), neutrons (no charge), and electrons (negative).Think of the earth (and all the other planets) and how they rotate around the sun. That's how atoms work...

Think of this, electrons are friends with protons, protons are friends with electrons, and neutrons aren't friends with either.

Basically the cause of electricity is simply electrons.
Static electricity is what normally happens on a cold, dry day, and when we go to turn on the light switch, we get zapped. This happens because there is a build up of electrons on our skin because of dry conditions. So, when we touch metal electrons release from our skin to cause a spark, and that's how we get shocked. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons being atoms, interact cause electricity. And this is how it works... In this presentation, you will learn about electricity. You will learn who discovered electricity, what causes it, why it is important, how it works, and how often we use it. We also have two demonstrations. We all worked very hard. We hope you enjoy it!
-Reagan, Frances, Emily, and Zack. Why is electricity important? Electricity has become an important part of our lives.
For example, that's how you heat your house, use your oven, stove, and refrigerator. It's also how you power your computer, your T.V., and any hand held device. Electricity is important because it's the most commonly used energy in the developed world. It would be hard to live with out it. Explanation, yourrrrrrrr UP!!! How does electricity work? Electricity is produced by a power plant. Different types of power plants generate electricity in different ways.
Coal, oil, natural gas, solar power, nuclear, and hydro electric dams feed most power plants.

Generators are pretty much just a really big magnet that spins with coils of metal wires. And, with this being said, electricity just moves through wires.
Electricity is just electrons. Did you know electrons can actually flow from atom to atom in metal? How cool is that!? As long as that metal is connected in a loop of some kind, which is called a circuit, electricity can flow easily. So, all power lines lead back to where they started, at the power plant. The answer is simple, electrons. Here's how we got THAT answer... How often do we actually USE electricity? We use electricity on a daily basis. In our computer lab, for our smart boards, to charge our cell phones, to use lights, and for our hand held devices.
As you can see. We use electricity, everyday, all day. We use electricity everyday. Here's how we figured that out... Conclusion So, all in all, we find electricity a very interesting, and fun subject.
-You can do SOOO many cool experiments
-We learned who discovered electricity
-What causes it
-Why it's important
-How electricity works
-And how often we use it
We hope that you learned something and enjoyed this presentation. We all worked very hard.
(Or comments) CREDITS Prezi Provider prezi.com
Information Provider wiki answer/answer kids
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People who put this presentation together:
Zack Kerry
Reagan Hall
Emily Powell
Frances Kosarich
Mrs. Oliver This Prezi is Zack's, Emily's, Frances', and Reagan's ONLY!!!!! Please, do NOT copy, thank you. :) THANK YOU!!!!
(Again) Thank you for watching our prezi!!!! A gas powered generator. You can use this if your electricity goes out. . A picture of Otto von Guericke. Static electricity. This is a a stove. Yes, so beautiful. The inside of a hydro electric dam. What would you do if you
couldn't charge your smart phone? A picture of a lamp that uses electricity. Solar panels run to an inverter which goes into batteries which power your home. And solar power is a renewable resource, which means we can use it over and over and it won't run out. .
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