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The Amazing Adventure Bangkok

No description

baptiste Odier

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of The Amazing Adventure Bangkok

* Share a special experience with your friends, family, or coworkers.

* Incredible moments with tons of laughter guaranteed.
Looking for a fun and challenging way to discover Bangkok?
Get to know places you would probably never have found by yourself and interact with locals in their daily life.

Discover the real local lifestyle

The Amazing Adventure Bangkok
Exciting and fun challenges

The Amazing Adventure Bangkok is an exciting, challenging, and above all fantastic fun way to discover this awesome city.

* Divided into teams
* Through entertaining, physical and intellectual activities
* Solve the riddles in order to complete the hunt

A great opportunity to explore different areas of Bangkok.

Use your creativity, competitiveness and sense of direction in order to fulfill thrilling tasks that will be given to your teams.

Get to know each other

Learn about yourself, but also about the other members of your team through thrilling and mind-bending challenges.

Fun way to discover Bangkok

Tired of following tourist guides? Switch roles with them and blaze your own trail.

Amazing thematic trails

Cultural, gastronomic, sports race? Choose your favorite trail and experience Bangkok like you have never before.

The Cultural Trail
All challenges of this fun and entertaining race emphasize on Thailand’s wonderful and unique culture. You will discover Bangkok from the shoes of the locals by exploring one of Bangkok’s many famous canals and doing various challenges which you cannot usually do as a tourist.

Each challenge is designed to allow you to gain insight and knowledge into Thailand’s culture while still having maximum of fun. You will also visit one of Bangkok’s most famous temples where another thrilling challenge awaits you.

The Bazaar Trail
As you might know, the pulse of this city is in its markets.
This trail will carry you through the most typical bazaars of Bangkok where interacting with locals, buying, selling and negotiating will be part of this great adventure.

You will lose yourself in colorful and lively markets filled with typical food, unexpected objects and mixed aromas. Under the supervision of our experienced guides, this trail is the best way to be part of the Thailand market swarm.
Once you have tried our bazaar adventure, bargaining in Asia will have no more secrets for you!

The Gastronomic Trail
Thailand is renowned for its delicious dishes all around the world. This trail will reveal you the secrets of this unique gastronomy through its typical ingredients and local cooking experts.
You will discover everything from colorful markets to the typical street stands.
Taste, smell, sight, sound and touch to awake your senses in this exploration of the Thai culinary traditions.

It is ideal to learn more about Thailand's culture, especially its cuisine, by putting yourself into their shoes, and see and experience Bangkok through their eyes.

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is”, Irish proverb

The BTS Trail
The BTS (Bangkok Skytrain) is the most convenient way to go around the city and discover some of our favorite spots.

You will truly understand why Thailand is also called the Land of Smiles by interacting with locals and discovering typical places at the BTS doorstep
We made this challenge suitable for families, seniors and people who want to escape the heat and heavy traffic of Bangkok. This worry-free transportation adventure guaranteed a maximum of fun with a minimum of effort.

Save your energy through the BTS line to spend it on our exciting challenges!

The Sports Trail
How to book
Visit AmazingAdventureBangkok.com/booking

Choose one of our many exciting trails

Enjoy and experience Bangkok like you have never before?

Get in touch
Phone +66 (0) 95-730-2064
Email: baptiste@amazingadventurebangkok.com
Website: AmazingAdventureBangkok.com
FB: facebook.com/amazingadventurebangkok


Jithrapa Place Condominium
14th Floor, Apartment #1402
1697/148, Lad Phrao Road
Kweng Samsen Nok, Khet Huay Kwang
Bangkok 10310

This trail’s purpose is about Thai sport. You will discover Thailand in a funny and original way. All the activities are supervised by experts.

In this race, two teams will be in competition in four different sport activities: Petanque, Muay Thai, Takraw & Pool table.
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