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Career Objective

No description

Lawrence Williams

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Career Objective

Career Objective
A career objective is a statement of what you want to do, what position you want, or where you want to work now.
The goal of your resume is to get an interview but before you can get an interview, you need to have a good idea as to what job you're actually looking for.
Having a clear career objective statement together shows a potential employer that you have a focused career search and helps to keep you focused and organized.
A career objective should be about you utilizing your educational background and communication skills.
When considering your career objective, use your best judgment depending on the specific situation. When applying for a specific position, it's best to include one that specifically mentions the job title in your resume.
An effective career objective should include one or more of the following:
• A specific job title
• A specific industry/environment in which you want to work
• Specific skills and/or experience you want to utilize in the position
1. Use your career objective to focus your resume and your job search.
2. Be specific where possible. If applying for a specific job, include the job title ie. Account Manager, Head Nurse, Market Manager, etc. Otherwise, mention the profession you are seeking ie. account management, nursing, marketing, etc.
3. Do not discuss what you are looking for from the company. Discuss what you can do for the company, not the other way around.
4. Keep it short and to the point, ideally two-three sentences long.
5. Ensure that your career objective matches the job you are applying for whenever possible. Adjust it depending on the different jobs you are applying for.
6. Make your career objective stand out for the right reasons. Make it truthful and accurate but make it interesting!
Here are some powerful sample career objectives that help you get noticed.
Entry Level
Seeking an entry-level position in marketing utilizing my strong analytical and communication skills combined with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.
Recent college graduate with a Diploma in Engineering seeks an entry-level position in civil engineering.
Recent university graduate seeking an internship with an online media company who can utilize my developed skills in communications and multimedia design.
Recent university graduate seeking an internship with an online media company who can utilize my developed skills in communications and multimedia design.
Seasoned manager offering 20 years of progressive experience in functional staff management and consistent staff retention.
With an extensive 12-year background in telecommunications, I am seeking a position in direct marketing with an established advertising company.
It's best to be specific where possible and it shows that you tailored your objective to the job you are applying to.
Career Objective (Skills/Experience)
• A position allowing me to incorporate my experience in promotion and customer relations.
• A position integrating skills in copy-writing, editing, and reporting.
• A position employing skills in training and development, public affairs, and program development.
• A position in a research laboratory, utilizing skills developed from working in a forensics environment.
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