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Shrinking my city

How I use social media as a journalist; prepared for Northern Voice 2010

Lisa Johnson

on 8 May 2012

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Transcript of Shrinking my city

Lisa Johnson CBC News @lisasj lisa-johnson.ca work social media why? photo by ecstaticist accessible accountable connected "Do you
know anyone who...?" accountants tsawwassen business owners squamish because it makes my city smaller who cares? us you you what's happening? Crowd getting super angry. I am leaving incase things get violent. #vancityyaletown #van2010 #olympics #vancouver At live city yaletown. Pple are hurt and barracades fell down near front of stage. Alexisonfire asking crowd to step back+ make way #van2010 Friend in the front got legged pinned between fence and 12 people! Alexisonfire adressing crowd after 20min delay. #van2010 Alexisonfire announcing they will not be playing tonight due to saftey issues at livecity yaletown. #van2010
9 minutes ago from UberTwitter 10 minutes ago from UberTwitter 4 minutes ago from UberTwitter Stephen Gillis on the hunt! rest in peace. search: Leonard Pelletier Source: Canwest News Service "That's private!"
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