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Ch. 7 Planning, Drafting, and Revising an Argumentative Essay

Ch. 7, Practical Argument

Jeanne Foust

on 13 May 2017

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Transcript of Ch. 7 Planning, Drafting, and Revising an Argumentative Essay

What now?
Revise & get feedback.
Revise thesis.
Construct formal outline.
Write a draft.
Take a Stand
Choosing a Topic
Emotional Stake, Open Mind, Narrow Enough
Invention Strategies (Pre-Writing)
Freewriting (writing w/o stopping for a predetermined time)

Brainstorming (making quick notes
on your topic)
An argumentative thesis must be debatable; it must have at least two sides, presenting a position with which some people might disagree.
An antithesis is an opposing statement.

Thesis: College campuses should go "green."

Antithesis: College campuses should not go "green."
Gathering Evidence
Unsupported Opinions
Supported Opinions
Establish your credibility & be fair!
6-8 pp. SBL paper
Topic Submitted: March 20 or April 3
Submit Working Bib: April 3 or 10
Working Outline: April 17
Final Paper Due: April 24
Planning, Drafting, & Revising
an Argumentative Essay

You must refute opposing arguments.
Ch. 7, Practical Argument
Topic: The "Green" movement on college campuses
Take a look at Exercise 7.1 on p. 243. Brainstorm five potential topics. Cross out any that do not meet the criteria listed in the exercise.
According to Ex. 7.2 on p. 246, brainstorm one of your remaining topics from your list of possible topics.
Right now your thesis is only tentative. You will very likely modify your thesis statement.
For the topic you brainstormed in Ex. 7.2, list five possible thesis statements. Can you write an antithesis for each thesis?
Evaluating Evidence in Sources
Be alert for bias--use of preconceived ideas rather than factual evidence.
Do not ignore evidence that contradicts your position.
Add visuals. Edit & proofread.
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