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Economics module 6 project

FLVS project Mr. Bolin

becca carrigan

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Economics module 6 project

Littering is a very common but very bad habit many Americans have. I see this as a problem because it shows laziness and causes problems for our environment and economy.
Why is littering a problem?
Litter attracts animals
Animals are known to eat food that is disposed of in the garbage or dumpster. Some Animals are not fortunate, or smart enough to avoid items that are harmful due to chocking or eating a food that is poisonous to the particular animal.
ike a
oss of
Litter decreases tourism, a lands' price, & decreases business with customers. Litter effects business by making the stores, restaurants, and office buildings unappealing to customers and or buyers.
Garbage is BAD for our planet.
Global warming didn't start itself. We as a human race started global warming and now it is our turn to take care of picking up our mess!
What actions can we take?
Enforce Littering laws
Enforcing littering laws would cause people to see being lazy and littering is a serious problem, and there will be and attempt to not litter, since they don't want to get fined. The only problem with this will be the government will have to pay officials more in the court system because they will be working more cases. Enforcing littering laws will also help more money go back to the government because the people who get caught will have to pay for their crime the financial way.
Add more garbage cans
If more garbage cans are available there would be
less of a reason for people to litter. With an increase in garbage cans there may be an increase in laziness. The government will oppose to this because it will cost money to make and distribute these trash cans but it will save money in the long run by not requiring as many street cleanups. This could also create new jobs by needing more janitors in plazas to take the trash to dumpsters so as to not increase the work of garbage men.
Give a Tax Deduction
Cleaning the streets is not just for
inmates. The government should offer a tax deduction to people who consistently work with a group for street clean up to make their community better. Although, many would argue this is an action that should be an obvious decision giving an incentive may help people do the right thing. This tax deduction could work by having the tax deduction benefit start at 300 hours.
Research Graph
Research Chart Cont.
Final Decision
The smartest solution would be to add more trash cans.
How does each possible solution for your chosen issue meet or fail to meet each of your criteria? Explain.
Adding Trash Cans will meet my criteria by helping stop the laziness that leads to litter and start my the world cleaner completely meets my criteria. This solution would be easy to do and results will be seen quickly. The price is also affordable and will not lead to repeated costs for the government.
Enforcing littering laws doesn't follow my criteria because not only does it cost more money to do but it also would require many people to agree that littering is a crime that requires punishment. Many officers do not want more work for themselves and do not want to give fines for littering.
A tax reduction for volunteer work fails to follow criteria because taxes are on a federal government level not a local level. Also, people should clean up their environment for the sake of having a cleaner world not because they want money.
2. Based on your research, which is the best solution to turn into action? Explain why you made this choice over the other possible solutions.
The best solution to turn into action would have to be to get new trash cans distributed throughout Orlando. I chose this solution because it is an easy solution that will have a long impact on the environment which will help the economy. This solution will have a more positive effect by giving people more chances to clean up and keep their surroundings clean. In the long run this will be the cheapest and have the fewest after effects of my solutions. The only way to ensure this works is to encourage the community to clean up after themselves and provide the trash cans.
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