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Types of Societies

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Logan Heibult

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Types of Societies

Types of Societies
By: Logan Heibult
Any group of people that depends primarily on wild animals for subsistence
Hunting and Gathering was used from 2 million years ago til about 9,000 B.C.
This society got pushed out the door when humans figured out how to farm and domesticate animals
Hunting and Gathering
Society has now switched from go and getting food to growing there own.
People would still go out and kill for meat.
This culture stayed around till about 6,000 B.C.
This also cut into the Hunting and Gathering era due to the fact that they still hunted for there meat.
This society finds Herds or Flocks of animals and settle around those Herds or Flock.
These people would domesticate these animals and use them for food and other services
This started in the 14th century and still takes place today

Pastoral Societies
Agricultural Society
A society that grows mass amounts of there own food and has many domesticated animals.
This is most commonly used in the present, especially in Iowa.
What causes a society to become industrial, or move from Rural to Urban?
Things are constantly changing and evolving and we must adapt to these changes. We have different needs that lead to this. Even things such as climate change can affect this.
What are some changes in the roles of the family?
The mother in the family has moved from a stay at home mom to working to help provide for the family. The father is still considered the provider of the father. The children now do less to provide for the family than they did before the industrial revolution.
What are some features of our society?

We rely heavily on machines to do lots of our work. We are a very lazy society and make machines to make the work very easy for us.
Will our society change yet again? If so, what will our next move be towards?
Yes, we may have to move backwards in society based on future invents. If something happens so that we can't use machines anymore, we will then having to go back to a previous society.
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