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The Yarkon-Taninim Aquifer

In Israel-Palestine

Aaron Scheiner

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Yarkon-Taninim Aquifer

The Yarkon-Taninim Aquifer By:
Aaron Scheiner Well first let's explain
a few terms. Aquifer: An underground layer of
rock or sediment that holds water.
Permeable: Materials that allow
water to pass through easily.
Impermeable: Materials that
water cannot pass through Location and Size Sources It is located in Israel/Palestine. It is a limestone
aquifer. It is located under the foothills of the center
of the country. It recharges in the Judean Mountains and it discharges in the Taninim Springs on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is used by Israel for about 340 million cubic meters of water a year, which are used by the Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv area. Palestinians use approximately 20 million cubic meters every year. It goes down the Mediterranean coast,
beginning in North West Israel and going
South. 1.) http://foeme.org/www/?module=projects&record_id=53
2.) www.fao.org/nr/water/aquastat/countries_regions/israel/index.stm
3.) http://gwri.technion.ac.il/main.php?location=about&action=about&index=priority_areas Pores: Sizes of holes between the particles. What choices have been made concerning the aquifer? What challenges does the aquifer face today? THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In terms of all the problems that this aquifer faces today, people are doing tests to find possible solutions to the problems that the aquifer faces. Most people don't take much care of it, but it is used by nearly the entire Palestinian population in the West Bank. It supplies Israel with about 340 million cubic meters of water annually. Palestinians use about 20 million cubic meters a year. Well, since it underlies the dead sea, there is a risk that the salty water from the dead sea will percolate under the salty water body into the aquifer. Also, the Israeli people are arguing with the Palestinians over how much water each group will be allowed to take from the aquifer and who has possession over it. Or is it?!?!?!?!?! Dun...Dun..Duhhhhh
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