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The Flowering Rush - Invasive Species

No description

Cadence Lawrence

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of The Flowering Rush - Invasive Species

The Flowering Rush Invasive Species
Place in Origin and the pathway into Canada
*place of origin: Japan, China, Europe and Africa
*Was found in Minnesota along the shores
*Made its way to the St. Lawrence river
Found in Canada in 1897 in Montreal
*Came along the shorelines
Scientific name and Physical Appearance
* Butomus Umbellatous
*Grow in a shape of a umbrella
*whitish colour when they grow
*mature plant is magenta/ Purple/Pink
* grow from 3 - 9 feet
What is the Flowering Rush?
Invasive Species
Habitat Today
*Manitoba and Winnipeg
*Kings park
*Netley, Libau marsh, Winnipeg River, near lac du bonnet
Place in Food Web
* Producer
*Primary Producer
Effects to the ecosystem
*Takes over the shallow waters
*bulbs spread which cause the large population
*does not allow other plants to grow
* provides food for animals that eat this plant
*cut off new plants that may be grow
*don spread the bulbs
*do not shake or mis handle
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